East slope

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Troms, Norway, Europe
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Hiking, Scrambling
Summer, Fall
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Half a day
Rock Difficulty:
Class 3

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East slope
Created On: Oct 7, 2003
Last Edited On: Jun 11, 2013


Follow the directions on the main page to find the trailhead. Trails in Norway are not constantly maintained, and are usually only marked.

Route Description

Easy scrambling below Blåmann summit
Hard to believe but a week after this photo was taken, a couple was stranded on BlÃ¥mann for 22 hours in fog because they couldn't find the way down.  As you can see in the photo, the use path is clearly evident.
After leaving the car, follow the biggest clearest path. This is easier to find because the beginning of the route begins in a bog, and boards have been placed to traverse over this. So if you're in mud up to your calves, you're off route.
Continue following the path to a copse of trees, then up steeper and left. From here the paths diverge a bit, the one closest to the cliffs is the easiest to follow. Traverse under a series of cliffs until reaching a break. Ascend through this small gap to the upper slabs. Pick your way through the slabs, it should never be harder than third class. As the summit draws near, a path becomes visible again, with a small chimney, and more short third class steps.
Follow the route for the descent. It can be tricky to find the gap from the slabs to the path traversing below the cliffs. See photo for the cairn marking the way. It's important to find this gap, as all the slabs steepen into cliffs after this point.

Essential Gear

Just boots and clothes for the weather.

Miscellaneous Info

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East slope

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