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kcoakley - Jul 22, 2017 11:42 am

El Cap  Sucess!

Bushwhacking at its finest. Super adventure.

jakegarber - Sep 8, 2016 9:58 pm Date Climbed: Aug 27, 2016

Very hard...worth it  Sucess!

No trail...tried to stay on ridge...signed log at false summit and true summit. Was nervous at times by myself, would not do solo again. No one had signed log in over 2 months.


Pewma - Oct 15, 2013 1:54 pm Date Climbed: Apr 10, 2012

El Cap  Sucess!

I thought the cliffs looking down were amazing and it was a nice offtrail route from the Guadalupe Peak trail.


vanman798 - Jun 10, 2013 11:11 am Date Climbed: Jun 8, 2013

Signed the book...  Sucess!

I signed the book on the summit, but on returning to the Guadalupe trail and looking back over, I'm not sure if it was really on the high point of El Capitan or not. I might have been fooled by the summit register not being on the summit? I suppose since I signed the register, I will sign summitpost too!!

The view down the west face cliff were amazing, and the view back at Guad Peak showing it's cliffed west face were great too.


rasgoat - Feb 1, 2012 6:03 pm

No trail  Sucess!

We hiked this on the way down from Guadalupe. It was harder than Guadalupe because of the scrubby low brush and the steeper terrain. Nice to peek over the westward cliffs and peer back up at Guadalupe but I won't do it twice! :-)


eric-griz - Sep 20, 2011 8:06 pm Date Climbed: Sep 6, 2011

Tough hiking day  Sucess!

Bushwacked from Guad Peak. The register on the summit was placed back in 1989 and still had only about 30 signatures in it!

Larry V

Larry V - Apr 2, 2011 11:01 pm Date Climbed: Mar 31, 2011

Scratchy  Sucess!

Quick side trip from Guadalupe, with no trail. Five hours round trip including 90 minutes between Guadalupe and El Capitan summits. Long pants and gloves are essential for this route of cacti and scratchy bushes. I agree with another person who wrote that, "the terrain on the peak left much to be desired." Gusts up to 30-40 mph.


maxhaze - Feb 22, 2011 11:10 am Date Climbed: Feb 18, 2011

abyss  Sucess!

stared over the abyss


txmountaineer - Mar 2, 2010 10:30 am Date Climbed: Feb 27, 2010

A fun snow climb  Sucess!

The north sides of the ridges still held quite a bit of snow from the season's storms (up to 2' in some drifts), but made for a fantastic climb; kicking steps was both easy and secure. I actually lost a good bit of time trying to avoid the snow on the way up, but used it frequently going back over to the Guadalupe trail.

Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon - Nov 29, 2009 11:58 am Date Climbed: Nov 25, 2009

Bushwack from Guadalupe Peak Trail  Sucess!

The steep descent from Guadalupe Peak and the stiff bushwack made this a nicely hard-won summit, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Not too many names in either of the two summit jars (two on the main summit, one containing the original film cannister register) which was a good feeling. We angled through thick brush to re-gain the Guadalupe Peak trail. No way I was clawing my way back up the screen we skiied down.


Redwic - Sep 21, 2009 11:27 am Date Climbed: Sep 20, 2009

Nice Two-Summit Hike  Sucess!

First I summited Guadalupe Peak, then El Capitan. Some hikers told me in advance that hiking up El Capitan was illegal, but a couple of rangers said it was OK (but that the terrain on the peak left much to be desired). Great scenery, and I was the first person on either summit that day. I did not see a summit register or jar.

robot one

robot one - Nov 14, 2008 2:44 pm Date Climbed: Nov 13, 2008

Guadalupe Trail Route  Sucess!

Climbed on the way down?? from Guadalupe Mtn. campsite. Sore as a boiled owl from the day before. One of the Guadalupe best

Sam Page

Sam Page - May 4, 2008 12:18 pm

Gambled . . . and almost lost  Sucess!

I scrambled over here from Guadalupe Peak in early January 1994. Rather than climbing back up to the trail, I gambled and descended a canyon which, according to my map, would eventually intersect a trail, making for a grand circuit. After descending roughly 1000 feet, I was chagrinned to discover that the canyon funnelled into an unavoidable fifty-foot cliff. Rappel slings at the top of the precipice were not encouraging. My choice was to climb back up about 1500 feet to the trail or downclimb the cliff. I opted for the latter. About midway down, I found myself in hard 5th-class climbing. I remember thinking that it felt like a 5.9 climb that I had done many times. At that point I dropped my pack and was not encouraged by the result. The pack landed with a crash on the steep slope below and went careening down the hillside flailing through spiky bushes. I cleared my head and calmly finished the downclimb without mishap.


tacoturner - Feb 20, 2007 4:48 pm Date Climbed: Jan 4, 2006

scouting vertical rock routes

Took jeep over old Butterfield Stagecoach trail, hiked bone canyon to base of wall connecting Cap and Guadalupe to photograph possible technical rock routes. Hope to return next spring for successful western face summit.


BigPsycheDadee - Feb 17, 2007 8:57 pm

Highlight of the Park  Sucess!

Crossed over after summitting Guadalupe Peak. Looks like I left the main trail a little higher up than ideal.

The wind was crazy, especially in the notch between the two peaks. I'd hear a big gust approaching like a freight train, and I'd sit or lay down before it hit.

The wind seemed to mellow slightly towards sunset.


km_donovan - Apr 16, 2006 2:34 am Date Climbed: Apr 14, 2006

#5 of 8 Texas 8,000 footers  Sucess!

Summited April 14, 2006 along with 4 other 8,000 foot peaks in the Guadalupeā€™s that day. It took me 3 hours round trip back to the Guadalupe Trail after a long day of climbing. I could not find the summit register.

easleygone - Dec 2, 2005 5:48 pm

Route Climbed: Guadalupe Peak Trail Date Climbed: Nov 1995  Sucess!

This can be harder than it looks!! Do not attempt

this with shorts on.....everything has thorns or spikes

or something nasty on it. Wind can be ferocious.

You will quickly forget about the casual stroll up to

the summit of Guadalupe Peak, however, the hard

earned view from El Capitan will be more than worth it.

You can almost see into tomorrow and back into

yesterday!! I would guess only 1 in every 1000 that

climbs G P attempts El Capitan. I recommend it!

Also, gloves, sturdy boots, long pants, and a good

hiking stick(or ice axe) are a must.


paclimber - Oct 13, 2004 6:10 pm

Route Climbed: Bushwack from Guadalupe Peak Trail Date Climbed: October 10, 2004  Sucess!

I don't know enough adjectives to describe this spectacular mountain. Views from atop the cliffs of El Capitan are breathtaking. Reading the other summit log entries, I guess I got lucky -- I had NO wind. It was a perfectly calm, cloudless day, temps in the mid 70's. Found mountain lion leg bones with flesh and hair still on them along my route. I wish I had more time to explore, but that's just a reason for me to return.

Brian Jenkins

Brian Jenkins - Apr 19, 2004 7:32 pm

Route Climbed: Bushwhack Date Climbed: April 17, 2004  Sucess!

Decended from Guadalupe Peak a bit further east on the trail, from just a bit past the last washout. Made my way over to the edge of the ridge slowly as I was busting bushes to make sure there were no rattlesnakes (Hey, I'm from Oregon. I just assume they are everywhere in Texas.) Neat ridge with terrific vertical walls. The wind was ferocious especially near the saddle where there appears to be a huge bite taken out of the ridge. It really was gusting through there and almost knocked me on my ass a few times.

Picked my way to what I thought was the summit where there was a nice little cairn. Looked further and there was another summit at the end of the ridge that appeared to be the same height. So, I HAD to hit that one too to make sure. Faint trail helped me easily get over there and sat on the edge of the big vertical drop and enjoyed a snack.

Headed back and once I hit the saddle the wind was BACK. I would bet it was at least 60 mph, if not more. Decided to take what looked like a mellower ridge back and picked the far right one as you look at Guadalupe Peak from El Cap's saddle. Made my way over there and then did some third class scrambling up on mostly bare rock. Wind knocked me into the rock several times. Got up high on the ridge and then traversed onto the next ridge over to the east. Once over that one I traversed more until I got back to the trail at the point of the first switchback after the bridge and pass there. Then cruised the trail back to camp and had some steaks. Very cool place.

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