Excellent camouflage: the Pfälzerhütte from high on the Augstenberg. Can you find it?

I really enjoyed staying in the Pfälzerhütte. I only planned to spend one night there, but the weather forced me to change my plans and so it became two.

It is one of only two refuges by the Liechtenstein Alpine club, located on the Bettlerjoch at 2108m, which was high enough to still have some snow by early summer 2012. It is not so much left over from winter; late spring had seen significant amounts of fresh snow in large parts of the Alps.

The other refuge is the much lower Gafadurahütte (1428m), in the north of the country. There were no traces of snow whatsoever there.

You can walk from one refuge to the other in one day, choosing from many route variations. I did just that yesterday, taking the scenic route over the Drei Schwestern - Garsellakopf - Kuegrat ridge, down to the village of Steg and up again via Vallüna.

23 June 2012.


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