From Plataforma del Travieso, Normal

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Salamanca / Avila, Spain, Europe
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From Plataforma del Travieso, Normal
Created On: Feb 6, 2003
Last Edited On: May 22, 2010


The base of the climb is Plataforma del Travieso (1.870 m), see GETTING THERE section in the MAIN PAGE for getting there.

Route Description

You can take any of the trails to the left (SE) of Plataforma (parking) but the best is the one wich starts 60 m before the end of the paved road. Cross a little gate and take the well marked and stony the well marked path between shrubs, ascend a steep slope and continue traverssing the wide slope to the south, in direction to a big cairn (approx. 2.000 m). Then climb the slope zigzaging and leave some big rocks and a fence to the left. Pass Fuente (drinking fountain) de la Goterita (2.320 m) and lead to a big cairn (1 h 20 min). There are an old ski-lift 100 m further on but it's not necessary to reach it. 50 m ahead of the ski-lift there is a sheperd's shack useful if bad weather conditions (2 places). After the big cairn (2.350 m) turn slightly to the right (S/SW) to reach a bast plain, cross it to the SW and ascend to the top of Calvitero (1 h 30 min). There are a little pillar-box and a Virgen del Castañar monument (built in the 60s) on the summit. Continue SW wards, descending slightly to the broad Col 2.324 m (1h 50 min). Finally climb the final slope ( N ridge) directly or follow the path that surrounds to the NW and reaches the top of Canchal de la Ceja (2 h 15 min). There are 2 big cairns and a rocket-like box on the summit. Descend following the same trail (4 h 15 min).

Essential Gear

Crampons and ice axe could be necessary early in the season, even be careful with fog and snowstorms in winter. Foresee skis or snowshoes after the big snowfalls of the winter. Take warm clothes, map, compass and altimeter with you. If attempting in August or September bring enough water because of the possibly dry drinking fountains. Fuente María is placed to the right of the road at approximately 1.800 m, in a little rest area with rocky tables and seats.

From Plataforma del Travieso, Normal

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