Going up to camp 2 with Loma Larga and Cerro del Plomo in the background

Going up to camp 2 along Marmolejo's north-west shoulder, with Cortaderas (5197m) and Loma Larga (5404m) in the background. Photo by Manuel Bugueño.

To the right, far in the distance, Cerro del Plomo (5424m) can be seen. (Often confused with El Plomo, which is some 20km further to the north-east, significantly higher (6070m) and far more remote. Cf. John Biggar, The Andes — A Guide for Climbers, ISBN 0-9536087-2-7, p. 217; Hermann Kiendler, Die Anden — Vom Chimborazo zum Marmolejo — Alle 6000er auf einen Blick, ISBN 978-3-936740-36-3, pp. 349–352.)

03/03/2010 10:27:02
Tijs Michels


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