Grand Teton National Park Images.

Grand Teton National Park Images.

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The Tetons...

Grand Teton National Park Views.The Teton Range, WY.
Aug.14.2004. Grand Teton National Park is a United States National Park located in northwestern Wyoming, south of Yellowstone National Park. The park is named after Grand Teton, which at (4,197 m / 13,770 ft) is the tallest mountain in the Teton Range.

The mountains were named by a French trapper who viewed them from the Idaho side of the range and called them t├ętons, the french word for "nipples" or "teats" (presumably referring to the shape of the peaks).

From Pennsylvania to Wyoming

Kelly (USA) and I drove from PA to WY, got to Jackson Hole and spent a night at a Grand Teton National Park's campground.

We had nice views of the whole range from where we were staying at, actually from everwhere we were. An amazing range, and one of the most beautiful mountain ranges I've ever seen.


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