Grande Tête de By All Routes from South-southeast 2013

Grande Tête de By (3588m)

Southeast Face between the East & South Crests.

With View from South-southeast.

From Right or East-southeast:

A)-: East Crest
from Amiante Shelter (2979m) and Pass (3308m). First Ascent: Unknown.

B)-: East-southeast Slope and East Crest from Amiante's Pass. First: Abbot Joseph Maria Henry and Lino Vaccari; July 26th, 1902, in ascent.

C)-: South-southeast Face through right branch of Y Gully and Southeast Crest from Amiante Ref. First: Attilio, Giovanni, Augusto and Giuseppina Porro; September 24th, 1914, in ascent.

D)-: South-southeast Face right branch of Y Gully and directly on Rhomboidal Wall from By's Basin. First: Osvaldo Cardellina and Camillo Roberto Ferronato; July 15th, 1979, in ascent.

E)-: South-southeast Face through left branch of Y Gully and South Crest (Old Standard Route) from Amiante Shelter. First: Alberto d'Annibale, Giovanni Gatti and Benvenuto Treves; August 24th, 1913, in ascent.

F)-: South Crest from Garrone Hill (3260m) through Normal Route and ascent on Punta Maria (3342m). First: Alberto Ansermin and Enrico Bozzi; August 05th, 1927, in ascent.

G)-: South Crest from Garrone Hill, through East small Wall of Punta Isotta (about 3330/5m). First: Sofia Gordigiani and A. Sardagine with Valtournanche Mountain Guides Luigi Carrel "The Little" and Antonio Pession; August 29th, 1920, in ascent.

H)-: South Crest from Garrone Hill. First: Erasmo Barisone, Giorgio Canuto, Sandro Gallo and Massimo Strumia; July 20th, 1920, in ascent.



Antonio Giani 2013


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