Great map sources

Great map sources

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Google Earth and all the similar programs are great, but I like the good, "old" paper maps, which you can sit and look at in a cozy chair and of course bring with you to the areas where you really need them.
On this page I hope to get a good link list together.

If you know any good sources, please drop me a line and I add the link.

Free maps, for downloading or viewing online


  • Map Server. The site is a goldmine, filled to the brim with scans of excellent maps from various sources. The site can be a little difficult to navigate.

    Most of the maps show areas which are not so easy to find elsewhere. If you look for maps of the Rockies or the Alps, you'll find nothing of interest here.

    Do you like simplicity? Go straight through the directory.

    Here's another goldmine! or Let's Go! offers 32 000 maps from all over the world. Many of them are formerly hard to get Russian topo maps. A very useful resource. It takes some time to find the right area and the downloading can be slow.

    Their sister site - Mapstor offers all the same maps, but there you have to buy them. They come at an affordably price. The below offer is hard to beat:
    29 maps of scale 1:500 000
    183 maps of scale 1:200 000
    22 maps of scale 1:100 000
    Price $19.
    See here.

  • Blank on the map has a very good selection of maps and info for Karakoram, Hindukush, Hinduraj and Himalaya.
  • A good selection of free maps of Tibet.
  • Maps of Austria. Scales: 1:50.000, 1:200.000 or 1:500.000.
  • Interesting satellite images of the mountainous parts of China.
  • Maps of Elbrus.

  • An interesting collection of maps of China. Unfortunately most of the mountainous parts are missing.

    More map pages on Summitpost

    Meridies Maps - Aconcagua & Cordon del Plata

  • Some maps of Australia.
  • Elk Range USGS Topo
  • Rocky Mountain National Park & Indian Peak Wilderness-USGS-TOPO Mega Maps
  • Central Alborz Mountains, Iran
  • An overview map of the Alborz Mountains, Iran.
  • A page with a lot of maps of South America
  • A page with a collection of maps of Pakistan.
  • Interactive online maps

    How do I drive to get to the foot of the mountain I'm going to attempt?
  • ViaMichelin is an excellent resource. Only for Europe.
  • This example gives you the route all the way from Stockholm to Mont Blanc.
  • Ordinance Survey. Great Britain's national mapping agency. Buy paper maps or use their interactive map feature, Get-a-Map.
  • MSN Maps & Directions helps you to locate peaks and places all over the world. The link goes to a search for K2.
  • Terraserver. Mosaiced USGS topo maps covering The US along with an aerial photography overlay. A feature Topozone does not have for free.
  • The National Map Viewer. USGS National Map and Seamless data distribution - free, downloadable digital map data for GIS applications. United States.
  • Seamless data distribution. Same as above,but with international data.
  • GéoPortrail. A very good source of info covering all "French areas" of the world.
  • Lantmäteriet. Interactive maps covering all of Sweden. Just submit the place you are looking for and it'll show up on the map. Only in Swedish.
  • NZTopoOnline Use the interactive function or download maps in PDF format. Topo maps (up to 1/12500) of New zealand. Quiet slow but very complete.
  • Portale Geogafico Nazionale Italy's interactive map source. In Italian.
  • Swiss Geo Good map source for Switzerland. In French and German.
  • Austrian Map Online Austrian map source. In German.
  • The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia. In English & Slovenian.
  • Maanmittauslaitos National Land Survey of Finland. In Finnish, Swedish and English.
  • Statens Kartverk IGN source for Norway. In Norwegian.
  • CNIG IGN source for Portugal. In Portoguese.
  • Instituto Geográfico Nacional. For Spain in English & Spanish.
  • Editorial Alpina For Spain in English & Spanish. Looks like it covers all mountainous areas well.
  • Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya Maps, downloads and online resource for Spain, in Spanish & English.
  • Prames Mountaineering site with maps and online viewing. For Spain, mostly in Spanish, but some parts in English.
  • Japan Two websites of topographic maps of Japan in Japanese. They use the same data but offer different interfaces:
    CyberJapan has all scales from total down to 1:2500.
    Watchizu shows only the topographic maps.
  • Switzerland. More Swiss maps on Mapplus. In English.
  • Norway Statens Kartverk.. In English.
  • South America. Scanned maps for a good overview of South America. Andes Map.
  • Peru A good source for all the mountain ranges in Peru.

    Commercial sites to buy maps from

    Overview maps from RV

  • Topographic maps of Argentina. 1:500.000; 1:250.000: 1:100.000 and 1:50.000. Site in Spanish.
  • Chessler Books. A very good online shop for mountaineering books and maps.
  • TPCs and ONC's from maptown.
  • Omnimap. Possibly the largest collection of maps on the web.
  • Countless maps of all types available for purchase.
  • Anything from CD-ROMs and globes, to topographic maps and guidebooks.
  • Maps of Spain.
  • Chinese maps and atlases of China. Mostly for general planning. Most of them in Mandarin.
  • Mountaineering in China. A book with maps and route info for 44 peaks in China.
  • Alpenverein's map site. Good mountaineering maps.
  • Gleumes & Co KG A large map shop with a good search engine which seems to find maps from all over. In German.
  • Geodaten-Bestellservice A place for buying maps, where you also can watch them online. In German.
  • MagicMaps A place with a lot of maps and other related items. In German.
  • Kompass maps for viewing online and with an extensive map shop. Austrian site and the German site. Both in German.
  • Sua Ediciones Basque site with maps, mountaineering guide books etc. In Spanish.
  • Editorial Penibética Guide books and maps. In Spanish.
  • Stanfords - Can supply worldwide maps worldwide! And good customer service too - not just for those based in the UK.

    Downloadable Map Software

  • Google Earth - View the world in 3D graphics.
  • NASA World Wind - About the same as the above.


    Thanks to you who have helped out with links on this page.
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