Hawaii's 25-Mile Isolation Peaks

Hawaii's 25-Mile Isolation Peaks

Hawaii, United States, Oceana
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What is the 25-Mile Isolation List?

Just as 2000' is an important prominence threshold and 14000' an important elevation threshold, 25 miles is the magic number that gives a peak a spot on an isolation list. This page contains those peaks with 25 miles of isolation which are in the U.S. State of Hawaii. But what is isolation anyway? Isolation is how far a peak is from the nearest higher one. Understandably, isolated peaks are often also high in elevation, are very topographically prominent, or, in some cases, both. Hawaii, being an island chain, defies this norm, as every peak on this list but one is an island highpoint; the highest peaks on this list break 13000' above sea level, others standng small at under 100'.

Contained below is a table containing the peak's name--which has a hyperlink to the peak page--as well as its isolation, elevation, and topographical prominence. So, without further ado, the Hawaii isolation list.

The 25-Mile Isolation List

Data taken from the Peakbagger page. Peaks without links have no SP page.

HI Rank Peak Name Isol. (Mi.) Elev (Ft.) Prom. (Ft.)
1 Mauna Kea 2,452.5 13,796   Elev.
2 Kure HP 310.3 20   Elev.
3 Laysan HP 239.1 50   Elev.
4 Gardner Pinnacles 229.6 190   Elev.
5Kawaikini 203.4 5,243   Elev.
6 Summit Hill 179.6 276   Elev.
7 Lisianski Island 140.6 30   Elev.
8 Millers Peak 139.6 903   Elev.
9 La Perouse Pinnacle 99.5 120   Elev.
10 Pearl/Hermes HP 99.2 6   Elev.
11 Ka'ala 83.6 4,040   Elev.
12Haleakala 75.4 10,023   Elev.
13 Mauna Loa 25.2 13,679 7,079

Additions & Corrections

If there are any errors--which there may well be, as I have never lived in Hawaii--feel free to contact me.


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