Heading down Idaho Highway...

Heading down Idaho Highway 37, one of the landmarks to look for prior to finding the turnoff to the east on Big Canyon road, is Molly's Nipple, seen on the right of the road. This is about the third time I've seen a Molly's Nipple on a map in either Utah or Idaho. This Molly must have been some gal.



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Klenke - Mar 20, 2005 12:35 pm - Voted 10/10

On mammatus & mammories

Nice view of inclement weather, especially the mammatus clouds. That's one thing I like about the open (big) skies of Montana, Idaho, et al.

Molly's nipples seen in Idaho and Utah? Geez, that woman really got around, exposing herself all over the West. Tsk tsk.


Dean - Mar 20, 2005 12:59 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: On mammatus & mammories

I wonder if Molly was the Dolly Parton of her time. Bob almost drove off the road looking at it lustily and I had to remind him that we didn't have time to summit it. Hmmmm, that 'd make a neat SP page. It'd get a lot of hits anyway.


Klenke - Mar 20, 2005 2:16 pm - Voted 10/10

All about Molly

Molly was born in Logan County, CO. She had a twin sister Mable. Right from the beginning, Molly became fixated on prurient activities and this distressed the squeaky clean Mable to no end. Mable decided to purge herself from Molly's purlieu and the two haven't played together since.

Dejected but undeterred, Mable left Colorado at an early age. Actually, it was her parents who sent her away. They hoped to wring out her sexual desires by sending her to a wayward girls camp in Appalachia. But even the poor Virginia camp couldn't ebb the tide within her. At 12 she was beginning puberty and she noticed something happening with her chest. She soon found herself revealing her new treasures. Though they were far from large, she charged the camp's boys two bits to see just one of them. She had to be discreet in the camp so a nearby hilltop provided the venue.

For the next six years Molly bounced from camp to camp and back home again. All along her desires grew. When she turned 18 she decided to become a proprietor of her impropriety. Those formative years had taught her well and she made good money. But she was always on the run from the law and the religious right. Her first place of business was not met kindly with the Tennessee Tetotalers Committee. They didn't mind the prostitution so much but zealously declared that alcohol and sex do not mix. Forced out, Molly then moved to New Hampshire with fellow harlot Bet. The two set up a new place of business near the aptly named Merrymeeting Lake. However, quarrels regarding revenues and who was stealing whose clients caused them to build their own hilltop brothels. Customers had the opportunity to either mount Bet or mount Molly.

But Bet bit into Molly's customer base too much. After six hard years of sweat and wax and perfumes and powders, Molly was beginning to see that competition in the East was a pain in the backside. On a lark and in the middle of the night after secretly taking back what monies she thought were rightly hers, Molly took the train out to Washington. The state had just joined the Union and more of her kind were no doubt wanted by its menfolk. The foothills west of Olympia seemed like a good place to set up "shop." Eager Washington men jumped at the chance to mount Molly there. Those were the best years of Molly's life.

Yet life inexorably marches on and Molly got old. With each passing year, less and less men came calling. She found herself wandering the mountainous West looking to make a quick buck. But no one wanted her body anymore. Her life came full circle: she was back to making a cheap buck by exposing her nipples to the worst or most incapable of society. Three years exposing nipples in Utah were followed by two more years in Idaho.

After Idaho, Molly simply faded away. Now she struts her stuff across the Great Nipple in the Sky.


Dean - Mar 20, 2005 2:38 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: All about Molly

Molly left Idaho and was last sighted as she was abducted by Aliens near her namesake on Frary Island as reported here

Nice job Paul of unearthing all that history. :- ) .

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