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Colorado, United States, North America
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Jul 27, 1994
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Created On: Mar 24, 2004
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This was a fun overnight trip with the girlfriend. I forget how I got the notion to head up there, but I do recall the trail not really being 4X4 mandatory until the valley separating the north and south twin cone peaks. I had tried to go up the trail in the truck the first night, but there was one spot that scared us both pretty good, so we cautiously backtracked and camped out in a nice spot overlooking Park County. The next day we met some contractors heading up to N Twin Cone who thought (in error) that radio tower was the one they would be bidding on. Anyway, we got to the scary part again, but this time went off the trail and around it. The Nissan only had a four-banger so it was definitely in need of more hamster food as we approached the summit. The brush down low will put some scratches in the paint, the ravines were a little tricky to navigate, and there were some large rocks to drive over near the top.
The radio tower up there has (had?) a little hut of sorts, maybe for the equipment...? It was unlocked when we were there. We went down to the valley and walked up S Twin Cone, which was very nice and pleasant.
Kenosha Pass is very beautiful, especially on the Denver side, during autumn. The road can be a nightmare if you get stuck behind an RV, as there aren't many places to pass and often the line will grow to the magnitude of 40-60 cars on a Sunday, which really sucks. Stop by the Bucksnort Saloon for some brew and burgers on your way back, it's listed in the Denver phonebook...


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