Hot Summer Day On Mojstrovka

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Jul 21, 2006
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Hot Summer Day On Mojstrovka
Created On: Sep 7, 2006
Last Edited On: Sep 7, 2006
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There are two main routes to the top of Mojstrovka: Hanzova over north wall (quite demanding ferata, unsuitable for beginners) and south route, beginning at the top of Vrsic road pass, traversing first the green belt, consisting of larches and pines, then the scree slope and after a small saddle (notch) you turn right to the southern slope of the mountain. Additionally, it should be pointed out, that you actually don’t climb the Velika Mojstrovka (main summit), but Mala Mojstrovka instead. No marked path leads to the summit of Velika Mojstrovka, however, from south side it’s quite simple to reach it nevertheless. The height difference between the two summits is insignificant, so it’s really a personal decision if someone wants to “conquer” both of them.


Our decision was to follow the northern, longer and more difficult route. However, at the splitting point of both routes we didn’t pay attention and boldly went up the southern one. As we noticed our mistake, we decided not to turn back. Two main reasons for such decision: we have already been on the steep route for about 25 minutes and temperatures were already exceeding 30 deg. Centigrade. So we decided to continue and leave the northern route for our next visit (probably next year).

The path itself isn’t all that demanding, but it still requires quite a bit of precaution. Up till the notch at approx. halfway up, it is trailed over slippery rocks, covered with sand and gravel and no real hold. Ski poles proved to be extremely useful here (now I know why the rock goats have four legs in stead of two…). Another problem is, that there’s absolutely no shadow on the way up. When the sun burns down from skies it can be quite a hot trip, especially if there’s no wind or breeze to cool you a bit. After you have passed the notch, the path becomes better to walk. The summit comes into view and you gain new strength. However, there’s still quite a long ascent waiting for you, with summit always in front of your eyes, not coming significantly closer.

But… after all, when you reach the summit, you realize that it wasn’t that difficult at all. The excellent view on a sunny day is more than enough to make you forget the way up. The jackdaws here are incredibly tame. With some friendly “persuasion” it’s even possible to make them eat out of your hand.
Curious Jackdaw


Time on the summit (any summit!) seems to fly and before you realize it, an hour since you came up passes by. We took the same way down. The middle part of the path is, as I already mentioned at ascent, quite demanding for an inexperienced hiker, especially when you’re going down. But very soon after passing this part, the desert is served – quick descent directly down the seemingly endless scree slope, ending directly at the Vrsic pass. I really love such descents! However, if you’re not used to “lunar walking” down the slope, please, be extremely careful! The fall can be at least very painful if not even worse. Well, the only bad side of such descents is heavy work at home before you completely clean up your shoes.

After the descent, we went to Bled to bath in the lake. Highly recommendable!


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Hot Summer Day On Mojstrovka

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