<i>Cypress Hill Country!</i>

This is one of the many side canyons
coming down off the west face of Cypress Hill
(5,263') in central Arizona. No water, because I already checked!! I did find a few stagnant puddles/ponds of water in the main drainage channel to the north of here.

This is the typical granite rock found in this
area. Shown is a clump of hedgehog cactus,
with an 'agave flower stalk' behind it that
dried up and surrendered to the forces of
gravity. Growing above are a few hardy cypress, with another granite boulder perched atop the much larger boulder in the upper part of this picture.

As you can see, there's many hand and foot-holds if you wanted to climb up there,
but Autumn would be a more enjoyable time
to do it because of cooler temps and less
surprises such as venomous snakes saying
hello to you from crevices in the rocks.

June 8, 2008


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