I Felt As If I was Hit By A Car

I Felt As If I was Hit By A Car

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Location Lat/Lon: 43.88120°N / 71.8433°W
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Nov 18, 2001
Carr Mountain from Stinson...

Carr Mtn.
November 18th, 2001
El 3,453 ft.
6.0 miles

I Felt As If I was Hit By A Car

As I write this little excerpt on Carr Mtn., I stand here with a fever over 100 degrees, two painful knees, a stomach ach and I am barely making it. Still the view from the top and the pride I have in making it to the top was well worth the trip (provided I don’t die tomorrow). The whole hike took me roughly three and a half hours. The trail itself was very similar to many of the other White Mountains I have hiked. It was fairly easy towards the bottom and challenging towards the top. No major problems though through the woods.

I wish I was better when I began to hike mountain. As I began the hike up this midsized mountain I felt ok. I only have some sinus drainage and felt mostly normal. I knew that I was coming down with something though. As I continued to climb the mountain I became very sweaty. It was obvious that I was coming down with the flu.

Turn back. No way. I was getting closer to the top and could just imagine the views on this mountain. I kept on climbing though very dizzy at time up this mountain. Often I wondered about turning back, but my pride guided me to the top. Finally after about two hours of hiking, I made it to the top. For a split second my illness felt as if it was gone. I climb up some of the rocks and ran into some awesome views. Mt. Mooselauke was awesome in the distance. It was getting late though.

I check my flashlight and it didn't work. The sun was lowering rapidly in the sky. Was I to be stuck out in the cold sick?

I ran down the mountain using care at the rocky section. I knew that if it became nightfall I was out of luck. I ran like never before. More quicker I moved the quicker the sun seemed to set. The flu was definitely starting to kick in now. Finally I hit Sucker Brook which represents the bottom of the Carr Mountain Trail.

It was now almost nightfall and I still had 0.8 miles of trail left. I continued to run at one point nearly losing the trail. Finally I hit the Three Ponds trailhead and ran back down the trail in spite of have some very painful legs. Towards the end it was pitch black and I could barely see anything. Wait there is the trailhead! And there is my car.

I walked into my car in relief of what was happening. Hurry, I'm in the car, by now shivering seriously due to the severe fever I now had. Driving was a problem but lucky I live nearby.

Was it worth it. Yes in one sense. The view on top was great. The mountain was also a great confidence booster for future mountains. Though I will say one thing. I will never hike a mountain when I am sick again. Also I will bring two flashlights next time.


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