Inland Empire Peaks

California, United States, North America
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This list is just to keep track of all the minor peaks located throughout the Inland Empire (Lower areas of Riveside and San Beranrdino County, Souther California) for all the minor peaks located throughout the Inland Empire. I noticed people making pages for some of these different peaks but many of them don't get noticed unless they are attached to a main page.

The boundaries for this list is the San Bernardino Mountains, the San Jacinto Mountains, Palomar Mountain, the Santa Ana Mountains. Another one of the boundaries if from the end of the Santa Ana Mountains all the way over to the San Bernardino Mountains. These boundaries from a large perimeter forming what is often called "The Inland Empire".

Many low elevation peaks lie in this area. The majority of these peaks are very rocky. By rocky I mean with lots of boulder fields and slabs of rock. Unlike the Santa Ana Mountains, all of these peaks are free from chaparral and just consist of bunch grass mixed with large boulders.

Space View of the Inland EmpireAerial View of the Inland Empire

Peak List

Red Mountain- 4,570ft
Angelus Hills- 4,111ft
Fisherman Point- 4,098ft
Dellamont Summit- 4,039ft
Claremont Summit- 3,875ft
Polly Butte- 3,307ft
Box Springs Mountain- 3,047ft
Black Mountain- 3,045ft
Olive Hill- 2,956ft
Mt. Rudolph- 2,849ft (Highpoint of Lakeview Mountains)
Mount Russel- 2,704ft (Highest point of Lake Perris SRA)
Estelle Mountain- 2,762ft
Bachelor Mountain- 2,555ft
Double Butte- 2,574ft (Double Butte refers to a larger complex of minor peaks)
Terri Peak- 2,569ft
Round Top- 2,538ft
Steele Peak- 2,520ft
Oak Mountain- 2,506ft
Gavilan Peak- 2,418ft
Oak Cliff- 2,395ft
Monument Peak- 2,293ft
Mica Butte- 2,231ft
Mount Jurupa- 2,217ft
Hemet Butte- 2,182ft
Petit Hill- 2,067ft
Tres Cerritos- 2,035ft (refers to 3 peaks)
Sugarloaf Mountain- 1,896ft
Park Hill- 1,893ft
Reservoir Butte- 1,867ft
Arington Mountain- 1,827ft
Hogbacks- 1,781ft
Rattlesnake Mountain- 1,604ft
Mount Rubidoux- 1,339ft
Pachappa Hill- 1,175ft
Twin Buttes- 1,050ft

Note: This list is not complete. There are a few other minor peaks that I did not include on this list. Also, there could be a few that I missed or that weren't named on my source that I was referencing to. If so, please add any additional information.


Big Rock- 1,640ft

Riverside Rock Quarry

When to Go

The best time to hike/climb is in the fall, winter, and spring. You want to try to avoid the summer because the temperature often reaches 100+ degrees. Also, summer is when rattlesnakes are most active in the Inland Empire. However, it warmer periods, expect to see snakes throughout this area. In warm spells, I have seen them out in Feburary.


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