Kareck NE slope skiing

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Hohe Tauern / Hafner Group, Austria, Europe
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Spring, Winter
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Half a day
AD- (up to 40 degrees)

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Kareck NE slope skiing
Created On: Sep 17, 2002
Last Edited On: Mar 28, 2018


Kareck in afternoon lightKareck NE slope
You start the tour on the Katschberg Pass (1641 m) or, if you take a ski-lift on the peak of Tschaneck (2020 m).

Route Description

Passing GantalAbove Gantal
On Kareck north ridgeBy the N ridge
From the Katschberg Pass you go with skis (equipped with skins) over tourist skiing slopes to Gantal Scharte, 1911 m. This part is easy and sunny, it's worth starting before the ski lifts begin to operate.

From Gantal Scharte a long horizontal crossing further in the western direction is waiting for you. The slopes you're crossing, are the north slopes of Kareck's eastern ridge, usually a pure powder snow with the ideal inclination for skiing. But suppress all temptation and don't lose time. Continue towards the west, all the way to Gantal (less than 1 hour from the Gantal Scharte).

Yu are now below the north-east ridge, where the terrain is turning you towards the north. First you climb a bit steeper on the broad notrh-east ridge of Kareck and follow it towards the summit. You have still good 500 meters to climb. At first the ridge is comfortable, just below the peak it gets steeper. In this area take care if the ridge is icy.

skiing down KareckDoJo - Skiing down Kareck
For skiing down you have to estimate the avalanche risk. If it is high or moderate, take the route of approach. If it is low and you are a good skier (the upper part has 40 degrees of inclination), make from the peak only a few turns on the NE ridge and then turn right, cross the upper slopes of the north-east groove and then whereever you please fly down. 600 meters of pure joy is awaiting for you, finally the skiing ends smoothly on the upper part of Gantal.

On your way back you have to cross again the horizontal slopes below Kareck's east ridge to Gantal Scharte. From this pass, you can either cross further towards the east to ordinary ski slopes, you can also climb first Tschaneck and then ski down to Katschberg, but if there is enough snow and if your car is not waiting on Katschberg Pass, you can ski down towards the south all the way to Rennweg (1200 m).

Essential Gear

Tour skis, skins, eventually ski-axe.

Kareck NE slope skiing

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