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Other Waterfalls!!!

This page only includes falls that I have visited in the Keweenaw. If you want to see more falls, from all over the Upper Peninsula, go to dwhike's Waterfalls of the UP page.

Douglass Houghton Falls

douglass houghton falls

This tall (~98') falls is located just north of Lake Linden, MI. Technically speaking, as far as I know, it is not exactly perfectly legal to visit them as they are located on private land. However, if you were to drive north out of Lake Linden on M-26 about a mile or so down the road on the righthand side is a small gravel parking lot area with a fence and a trail just beyond. You didn't hear it from me, but the falls might be back there. You can also drive through Lake Linden and head out of town by the side streets. At some point (just beyond a baseball field) you will cross a very small stream called Hammell Creek which, if you park your car and like bushwacking a little, might lead you to the falls if you follow it upstream...But, like I said, you didn't hear this from me.

***Be careful if you do go here! It is very dangerous due to severe erosion at the top of the cliffs surrounding the falls***


douglass houghton falls

This is the falls in May 2007:

Montreal Falls

montreal falls

Montreal falls is a powerful, unique and gorgeous falls located almost at the tip of the Keweenaw. There are actually 3 falls within a short distance of each other. The Lower Falls, the better known of the three, is located at the mouth of the Montreal river. The Upper Falls are about a half mile or so inland along a small dirt path, and another half mile beyond that on a very seldom traveled path that might require some bushwhacking.

To get there, drive north on US41 until you come to Lac La Belle Road. Turn right on it and follow it through the town of Lac La Belle and all the way to Bete Grise. Just beyond Bete Grise you will come to a dirt road called Smith Fisheries Road. Turn left onto it and follow the blue signs/blazes/spraypaint until you reach the fish hatchery itself. Park there and continue along the dirt path for another 1.5 miles or so until you reach the falls. This path is completely gorgeous, following the Lake Superious shoreline to the falls, which plunge almost directly into the lake.

The lower falls full of water, April 2007:

Hungarian Falls

Hungarian Falls
hungarian falls

Hungarian Falls is actually an area containing several falls (the official names of which, if they exist, I have no idea...) in close proximity to each other. Located about 10 miles north of Houghton on M-26, it is readily accessible and easy to find, not to mention a completely beautiful area.

Head north on M-26 out of Houghton until you reach the small town of Hubbell. Upon reaching Hubbell, look for a sign for 6th St. and turn left. Right away after this turn you will notice that the road branches, take the left branch. This road will go steeply up a hill and reach a dirt road that crosses it. Turn left at the dirt road and this will take you to Hungarian Falls parking area. The main trail heads north from the parking area and follows the edge of a gorge. The falls are concentrated about 1 mile back on this trail. There are two large falls that can be best seen from the bottom of the gorge (be careful getting down--you need to get back up too!) and several smaller ones up top. I believe there are a total of 5 "official" falls.

Eagle River Falls

This fairly large, easily accessible falls is right in the town of Eagle River, MI. The falls is on the south side of M-26 just beyond an historic bridge. Parking is available on the east side of the bridge, and the smaller historic bridge is open for people to walk out and view the falls. I do not know the legality of it, but it is also possible to walk to the base of the falls to jump around on the rocks and get better views.

From Houghton, MI drive north on US41 until you get to the signs pointing to M-26 and Eagle River/Eagle Harbor (roughly 25 miles). Turn left onto M-26 and follow it for about 3 miles into Eagle River. The falls are right in town.

Eagle River Falls
Looking at the falls from the bottom of the chasm they tumble into.

Manganese Falls

Manganese Falls
Looking down from the top.

These hidden, yet incredibly scenic falls are located outside of Copper Harbor, MI. They tumble into a covered gorge that is coated in mist and remains green and mossy for much of the warm months. It is tough to get a decent photo of the falls as a result of their unconventional shape, but the gorge is very pretty and worth heading down into. There is a viewing area atop the gorge, but the view from there do you say...ho-hum. Follow the well-established footpaths to the bottom, but watch your footing! It is very slick down there...Also, be very careful of falling rocks. The Copper Harbor Conglomerate formation that is so prevalent in the area is also very crumbly.

From Houghton, MI drive north on US41 all the way to Copper Harbor (49 miles). When you get into town, turn right at the blinking light and go a few blocks and turn right again on the 4th street on your right. This road, Manganese Road, heads into the Keweenaw's interior and is worth driving back on. Manganese falls are located .7 miles from US41 on the left side of the road. There is a sign marking them, and a small parking area on the right side of the road.

Manganese Lake is .5 miles further down the road, and offers wonderful swimming opportunities as well as trout fishing. Another worthy place to visit is Estivant Pines, an old growth White Pine forest that offers some giants for the viewer to walk about in...To get to Estivant Pines, just continue past the falls and follow the signs along the dirt roads on trees, etc. It is a little hazy getting back there but you should be able to find it. (Hey, if I can get there, anybody can!)

Manganese Falls
Looking up at the falls from the bottom.
Manganese Falls
View of the falls from the top.

Idea for Other Falls

I am not a waterfall guru! Does anyone know of any other falls in the area I could add?


Waterfalls of the UP (look in Houghton and Keweenaw Counties)



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