Khao Phra Wihan temple Trail

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Khao Phra Wihan temple Trail
Created On: Dec 12, 2006
Last Edited On: Dec 12, 2006

Khao Phra Wihan temple Trail

The Khao Phra Wihan temple is one of the oldest in the border area between Thailand and cambodia.
Its not in the best condition and not so big as the famous Angkor Wat but interesting.

How to get there

In the province Surin, take the main road 24 leading from Nakhon Ratchasima, north of Bangkok, in east direction. You pass the cities Prasat and Chong Sagam. 25 miles after passing Chong Sagam you reach the road crossing. Turn right in south direction on the mainroad 221. Follow the main road and the blue signs with the temple on it for about 18 miles and you reach the first check point where you have to pay the toll. The road follows the hills up and ends on a park range

The trail

Starting the trail from the park range you follow first the road for a mile and pass a military guard.
Don’t leave the road at the right side, there are signs and fences because the area behind is mined.
After the road ends follow the stone field and you will reach a small bridge, there you have to show your ticket and enter Cambodia. Behind the bridge on Cambodian ground a lot of stalls offers cheap shirts, caps and a lot of fresh fruits like coconuts, mango, pine apples and a lot of postcards and Cambodian souvenirs.
Follow the rising way up for a mile and you reach the first steps of the old temple. There are about 80 steps in bad conditions you have to climb and you are at the first of three temple buildings.
To reach the other two buildings you have to climb the steps another time and at the end of the way you are on a plateau.
On this plateau you have a great view over Cambodia and the hills of East Thailand and Cambodia. Its impossible to continue the way to Cambodia because all sides of the plateau are sheer rock walls about 300m high.
Ideal for climbing but it is forbidden.
The way back to the car follows the ascent way.

Important to know

Don’t buy any alcoholics or cigarettes in Cambodia when you will take them with you back to Thailand, its forbidden.

The park range offers a lot of room and offers a visit of a museum and some very good typical Thai restaurants. After the trail it was necessary to drink a lot of water and eat some spicy meals.
Because of the hot and oppressive weather it is necessary to drink a lot. Don’t carry too much water with you because in Thailand at the park range and on the Cambodian side you can buy water and fresh juices for less money.
What you should wear are some good shoes, not the sandals, the way up to the temples is in a very bad condition.
Never leave the car and walk in the wood beside the road up to the park range, coming from the toll station. There are everywhere mine fields, and not every mine field is well signposted!!

Khao Phra Wihan temple Trail

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