Koloon-Bastak West route

Koloon-Bastak West route

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 36.05310°N / 51.46730°E
Route Type: Snow/ice/Technical Rock Climb
Time Required: One to two days
Difficulty: class 5


(See the page)
Use the Tehran - Karaj - DownDizin road
or the Tehran - Shemshak - UpDizin - DownDizin (can be used just at summer meteres of snow and avalanches othertimes instead of the road) road.
Reach Dizin ski resort Lower parking (about 2400m)

Route Description

* This route is hard so see this link before attempting and get more details (The language is of the page is Persian): http://www.mountainzone.ir/Logs/westkoloonfa.htm
* The west face of Kooloon-bastak is so steep and rocky and at winter huge avalanches hits on it you can even see them while sking on Dizin, but the right west route is safe.
* The weather is unstable and stormy at winter.

Day 1 :
1- Get walk by Velayat roud river toward base of west face, you have to find a good place to pass the river (the river is a killer at spring time). [about 4 hours].
2- From Dizin valley a steep slope reaches 3500m [about 3 hours].
3- Camp !

Day 2 :
1- Big wall (100m~150m) by the rocky west flank (add ice to it at winter)
2- Climb up until the route joins the north-west route and reach the summit.
3- Climb down on the south route [about 3~4 hours].

Essential Gear

Ropes and technical gears for rock climbing is required.

Miscellaneous Info

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