Kriz (Koroska Rinka) from Jezersko

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Kamnik Alps, Slovenia, Europe
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Scramble and feratta
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A long day
Walk up and secured climbing

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Kriz (Koroska Rinka) from Jezersko
Created On: Dec 13, 2004
Last Edited On: Sep 15, 2009


Rinke from the NWVid - The western faces of Rinke
Kriz (Koroska Rinka) from the...Kriz (Koroska Rinka) and its west face where this ferrata goes.

Coming on Jezersko

You drive to Jezersko and then on the parking place on the meadow Ravenska kočna. How to come on Jezersko read on the main page.

To Kranjska koča na Ledinah

From Ravenska kočna you start hiking on the nice macadam road and you go through the forest and come on the start of the big plateau Na Prodih.

Then you have three possibilities how to come on the Kranjska koča na Ledinah (hut) which is located on the big plateau Vadine (Ledine). You can go through the small ravine Žrelo (the second hardest), over the small face below the hut, over the route called Slovenska (the hardest) or over the Lovska smer (Hunting route) (the easiest). All three are marked and secured.

See more on the page of Kranjska koča na Ledinah.

Route Description

From Kranjska koča na Ledinah, 1700m, you first go by the marked path over the plateau Vadine towards the east. On the crossroads we go right (the left path goes on Velika Baba). Then the path soon starts ascending over the grassy slope of Ledinski vrh all the way to Jezersko sedlo, 2034m. The path is easy and panoramic, only one place is secured wit a short cable. In winter, it is also possible to ascend Jezersko sedlo by the valley right of this path, below the ex glacier under Skuta mountain. That detour is some 15 min longer. Till Jezersko sedlo (pass) we need good 45 minutes.

The ascent on Križ is from Jezersko sedlo clearly visible. Still towards the east (the path towards the north goes on the nearby Savinjsko sedlo (pass)) we go around a small basin, where long in summer snow rests can be found. The marked path approaches the western face of Križ, finaly we ascend over a steep gravel and rocky slope to the place below the northern ridge of Krič, where the path enters in the rocks. This is the start of ferrata part.

In the beginning the route goes towards the left, over the shelves and by an easy terrain up towards the ridge. We soon reach the place below the ridge, where we see a natural window. But the path doesn't reach it, some 10 meters below it, it turns right and continues over horizontal ledges towards the right.
Steiner Alpsflow - Below the rock window
In Kriz (Koroska Rinka) ferrataVid - In the ferrata

Now the depth below us becomes more considerable and the passages more narrow. But the ferrata is well secured and is not hard at all here. On the other side of a small side ridge it even descends a little, then crosses the face again and starts also climbing up again. Above a small wall the ferrata turns right again and approaches the final ascent.

We clearly see a side ridge, which goes from the main summit of Križ towards the west (right from our viewpoint). Climbers on that part are nicely seen agains the sky. It looks difficult, but when we get on that part, we realise that also there the ferrata is only a medium hard one. So, first some more ledges, below which we see an interesting rock structure in the form of a mantis, then the vertical part, where some a bit harder pulling up is needed and finally the nice, steep ascent up by the open rock of the side ridge.
Kriz, 2.433mflow - In the ferrata
The  Mantis Tower Vid - The 'Mantis Tower'
In Kriz (Koroska Rinka) ferrataVid - The steep part

Just below the summit, the ferrata enters a steep ravine, when again we must pull up. On top of it we are already on the summit of Križ.

From Križ (Koroška Rinka) you can reach all other summits Rinke by marked routes. Kranjska Rinka is good 100m higher and can be reached in some 20 minutes, Štajerska and Mala Rinka we pass by, on the descent to Mali podi.

If you want to return on Jezersko, you descend by the same route.

Description written by Bor and Vid.

Essential Gear

Ferrata set for less experienced climbers, poles for the lower part of the route and good shoes.

Kriz (Koroska Rinka) from Jezersko

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