Kyllini (Ziria)

Kyllini (Ziria)

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Mount Kyllini ( also Kyllene or Cyllene or Ziria) is a mountain located in the west of the prefecture of Corinthia in Greece. Reaching an elevation of 2374, it makes the second highest point is Peloponnese after Taygetos. It is neighbored by the Gulf of Corinth to the north, the Aroania Mountains to the west, and Mount Oligyrtos to the south. The massif has a crescent shape created by the deep valley of Flambouritsa, which penetrated into the mountain and separates it into two distinct bodies: the east Small Ziria (2117 m.) and the west Big Ziria (2374 m.). The Flambouritsa valley is covered by extensive forests of conifers and platani, which host an astounding biodiversity. The upper levels of the mountain are mostly covered by grasslands and sparse bush. Mount Kyllini is also famous as the birthplace of the ancient Greek god Hermes, for which reason it was especially sacred to the ancient Greeks.

Getting There

There is a multitude of possible routes to approach either of the two summits of Kyllini. In this post is described the one from Ziria ski center to the west, highest summit. To get to the ski center from Athens, we take the highway to Patras, leave it at Xylokastro, drive past the Trikala mountain villages, and continue further up till the road terminates at the ski center.


We go straight up the ski slope and we follow the red signs till we pass over the purview. We continue steadily south, peering at Big Ziria on our right and at the Small Ziria on our left after valley. At about longitude 22.41, we encounter a dirt road going west towards Big Ziria. We follow that road up, taking shortcuts at its long curves if we want, and we reach a sharp curve (37.9285-22.4050), by the edge of which runs a streamlet. From there, we keep on the road for about 1 km until the point (37.9340-22.4045) where the road meets a gully which we follow up and we ascend to the peak.

Red Tape

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When to Climb

Whenever. Warm clothing and snow gear in the winter


Camping is free and allowed all over the mountain.

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Trip Report, Photos, Video, and Route Map


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