L'Affaire Freney

L'Affaire Freney

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The photos of the Freney affair - 1rst part

Mont Blanc Freney rangeoverview of the route taken for getting to the foot of the Central pillar

The Freney pillars general view of the pillars

Hotel de ParisThe hotel de Paris

The Bar NationalThe 'Nash'

The  Money-box The 'Money box'

Philippe Gaussot interviewing Don and ChrisInterview

Gaussot aerial photoThe aerial photo

The race is onThe race is on

The Freney affairs photos - 2nd part

Chris leading on the lower part of the pillarChris leading lower part of the pillar

The Chandellearriving at La Chandelle

Bivouac at the foot of the Chandellethe bivouac

Irst hard pitch - La chandelle1rst hard pitch

On the first hard pitch1rst hard pitch other view

The cruxthe crux

The Freney affair photos 3rd part - Summit and others

Luxury = A summit sandwichSummit - luxury = a sandwich

The three pillars of Freneythe 3 pillars

routes on the Freney side of Mont BlancRoutes of the freney side of Mont Blanc

Frenet Piola- TopoPiola detailed topo

Below VallotChris & Don below Vallot

La Fourche bivvyLa Fourche bivvy

Eccles bivvyEccles bivvy

In La Chandellelooking up La Chandelle

Irst hard pitch - La chandellein La Chandelle 1rst hard pitch

The Aiguille du Midi - Helbronner cable car accident

The cable car cabins - Paris-Match cover
The F 84-F ThundersteakThe F 84- F Thunderstreak which cut the cable

The 3 x eggs which fell downThe 'eggs' fallen on the glacier

Christian Mollier coming downChristian Mollier comes down the cut cable with his bare hands

The rescuers on the glacierRescuers on the glacier

Rescued from the  eggs Tourists just being evacuated from their cabin

The eggs over teh Vallée blanchethe 'eggs' 4 seats cabins

Rescuers working at nightworking all night long


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