Lakes in the Fan Mountains

Lakes in the Fan Mountains

Tajikistan, Asia
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Iskanderkul Lake

The largest lake of the Fan Mountains.

Sorry no image of Iskanderkul Lake

The Kulikalon Lakes

The Kulikalon Lakes are located in a basin between 2750m and 3000m - the basin is of moraine/glacier origin.
btw. Kulikalon means 'Big Lake' in Tajik.

Dushakha Lake is on the foot of Mirali North Face

Kulikalon Lakes (Fan Mountains)Kulikalon Lake
Kulikalon Lake - Maria (Fan Mountains)Kulikalon Lake (Maria in the background)
Dushakha Lake (Kulikalon Basin)Dushakha Lake
Kulikalon Lakes and Chukkurak PassKulikalon Basin

Chukurak Lakes

The Chukurak lakes are near the Alplager Artuch

Chukurak LakesChukurak Lakes
Lower Chukurak Lakelower Chukurak Lake

Ziorat Lake

Approx. 1.5 km south of the Chukurak Lakes is the Ziorat Lake

Ziorat Lake (Fan Mountains)Ziorat Lake

Alaudin Lakes

The beautiful Alaudin Lakes are surrounded by the highest summits of the Fan Mountains.

The blue Alaudin Lakes (Fan Mountains)Alaudin Lake
Alaudin Lake (Fan Mountains)Alaudin Lake
Alaudin Lake (Fan Mountains)Alaudin Lake
Pik Adamtash + Alaudin Lake (Fan Mountains)Alaudin Lake

Mutnye Lake

Mutnye Lake (Muddy Lake) is in the scree covered valley above the Alaudin Lakes. The water quality is quite poor.

Looking south over Mutnyi LakeMutnyi Lake
Pik Energia, ChimtargaMutnyi Lake

Allo Lakes

The Bolshoi (big) and Vierkhny (small) Allo Lake in the Zindon valley westward of Chimtarga. Bolshoi Allo Lake was formed by a landslide in the 19th century.
IMHO Bolshoi Allo Lake is the most beautiful lake in the Fans.

Bolshoi Allo Lake (Fan Mountains)Bolshoi Allo Lake
Allo Lakes (Fan Mountains)Allo Lakes

Marguzor Lakes

The chain of the seven turquoise Marguzor Lakes are in the Shing valley along the western end of the Fan Mountains. Starting point is Penjikent (near the Uzbek border).
The name of the lakes are: Nezhigon, Soya (approx. 1.700m) , Gushor, Nofin, Khurdak, Marguzor (the largest lake) and Azorchashma (approx 2.400m).

Marguzor Lake (Fan Mountains)Marguzor Lake
Marguzor Lake (Fan Mountains)Marguzor Lake
Azorchashma Lake (Fan Mountains)Azorchashma Lake



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