Lion Head 11/24/06

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Lion Head 11/24/06
Created On: Nov 27, 2006
Last Edited On: Nov 27, 2006

Shots from Lions Head

This hike climb was very disappointing to for many reason. The first reason is that 500 feet below the summit I pulled a calf muscle on the mountain and couldn't continue up. I thought it was just really bad cramps but on the way down it was apparently a little more than that. The second disappointment was the fact that I was looking forward to using all my winter gear only to find that there was no snow. There was ice but not enough for crampons and barely enough for yal-traks.

If you are planning on going to climb Mount Washington in the next couple of days (11/28-12/01/06) expect mid-fall conditions with some ice. There is no need for an ice axe right now and only yaltraks would be useful in some of the icier spots.

Still it was a beautiful day and only slightly breezy (45 mph wind which is calm for Mt. Washington). The views were terrific even with the lack of snow and my pictures came out great. Enjoy the pictures and happy holidays. I will hit this general route later this winter and plan on adding more pics.



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Lion Head 11/24/06

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