Map of Licka Pljesivica...

Map of Licka Pljesivica...

Map of Licka Pljesivica massif around Ozeblin peak.

Southern approach is marked. If you use forest road all the way to the branch of marked path there is only around 45mins left to the summit. If you walk from the Udbina - Donji Lapac road it takes around 3h to the summit. All the way from Udbina on foot around 5h or more are needed this way.

Alternative unmarked approach leads from Razvala pass on top of Kozja Draga valley. It lasts 1h or bit more from there. On foot all the way from Udbina it takes around 4-5h.

Additional graphics: Aleksandar Gospic
on Nov 9, 2005 10:04 am
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