Marshall Hill (De Leo Wall)

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Marshall Hill (De Leo Wall)
Created On: Apr 18, 2010
Last Edited On: Apr 13, 2017


View of the Clouds
 Stunning above the clouds view!

This summit is located in the western section of Cougar Mountain Park. This long western ridge is not the highest elevation in the park but it definitely should be visited if you are at the park. The De Leo Wall area has the best view in the park and arguably the most exciting terrain in the park. It is called the De Leo Wall because the southern face of ridge is known for a very steep drop-off. The drop off is wooded but it angle is almost as steeps as some nearby cliffs. There are a number of opening that provide good views of Mount Rainier and neighboring summit.   Located just outside the southwest border De Leo Wall features a great view towards the southwest of towns like Kent, and Renton. On a good day you can see much further with the Olympics coming into view. This is well worth the 10-15 minutes to the Red Town Trailhead from Seattle.

Edited photo from a 2012 trip
Mount Rainier from the De Leo Wall!
Looking at Renton
Looking at Renton

What makes this little peak/ridge so desirable outside of the view are the two trails that extend from the viewpoint. One trail heads north to the true summit of Marshall Hill while the other trail traverse the very steep south side of the De Leo Wall. It is the closest thing to a catwalk in the Cougar Mountain Wildlife Park and actually come to a surprise to the casual hiker and trailrunner. I would recommend taking this trail for the views and the semi-catwalk feel but I wouldn't advise running on it. The other trail that travels straight uphill to the true summit of De Leo Wall is not very scenic but it does attain the summit and quickly catchs up with the other trail.

Far Country Falls
Far Country Falls
Coal Creek Falls
Coal Creek Falls
Far Country Falls
Far Country Falls

A roundtrip route on the De Leo Wall is usually 4 miles and can be done from an hour by a very fit hiker to three hours by a very casual hiker. Often people combine De Leo Wall with side trip to Coal Creek Falls for maximum scenery overload. Far Country Falls, located to the southeast of Marshall Hill is another great little side trip for hiking fever. 

Getting There

VIA THE RED TOWN TRAILHEAD: From I-90 you want to get off on Take Exit 13. Take Lakemont Blvd SE South over the hill and a residential area. Once over the hill the Red Town Trailhead parking lot will be on the left side of the road, at a bend in the road. 

Red Tape

No overnight parking! Other than that no fees.

All dogs must be on a leash. Park closes at dusk!


Camping is absolutely prohibited!

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Marshall Hill (De Leo Wall)

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