Maunga Pukatikei via the Northwest

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Easter Island, Chile, Australia/Oceana
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Maunga Pukatikei via the Northwest
Created On: Nov 21, 2005
Last Edited On: Mar 7, 2006


From Ahu Tongariki (see above under Rano Raraku), drive, take a taxi, or ride a mountain bike along the paved circle the island road north. Maunga Pukatikei is clearly visible as the volcano forming the eastern part of the island. About half way between the north and south coast, look for a 4wd track heading east. Park at the beginning of the track. This place is about 21-22 kms (13 miles) from Hanga Roa.

Route Description

From the trailhead mentioned above, follow the 4wd track to the northeast. The track climbs the gentle and grassy slopes of the volcano. The track will eventually reach a really neat place known as Vai A Heva, at which point, there is a huge head carved in the rock between th main volcano and a sub peak. This carving has a much different appearance than the statues around the island and I wish I knew the significance of it. If you look around, you may find more.

The track will split and continue easy, but if you want to reach the summit, you can head south along the slopes to the area of the summit. There are many horse tracks heading that way. The best views might be from the sub-peak to the north of the main peak.

Return via the same route. After returning to Vai A Heva, you could exend this hike east to the coast and a place called Ana O Keke. I'm not sure what Ana O Keke is, since I haven't been there, so it is up to you to find out! Since it is marked on the map, it must be something interesting.

The route is about 8-9 kms/5-6 miles round trip.

Essential Gear

A good pair of boots and sun protection is needed.