Mengusovske pass (2307 m)

The saddle Mengusovske sedlo (2307 m) was accessible by hiking trails from both Slovak side (the other side) and from Polish side, which is on the picture. This is the background for one interesting story concerning the saddle.

When communists tried to deny possibilities of uncontrolled crossings of borders of the state, the comrades agreed that the trail from one side would be decommisioned. Guess what trail was chosen? They decommisioned the much lighter trail from Slovakia.

Easily accessible, though illegal, is Vychodny Mengusovsky stit/Mieguszowiecki szczyt czarny (2404 m), the summit on the left and on the right there is Prostredny Mengusovsky stit (2393 m).

The date of the photo: 30th june 2007.


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