Monte Rotondo - Restonica

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Jul 28, 2008
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Monte Rotondo - Restonica
Created On: Aug 7, 2008
Last Edited On: Aug 8, 2008

First day

Start of trip in Restonica
Lake Melo
To GR20 (on a settle)

We leave our car on parking in Restonica (about 1.200 meters o.s.l.)

The first part of path to lake of Melo (Lac de Melu) is quiet easy, about 1 hour, but still for good shoes and some condition (altitude of lake is about 1.700 meters).

Second part is from lake to GR20, easy climbing, because GR20 in this part is about 2.000 meters high, also takes about 1 hour.


Look from GR20
Hut Petra Piana

Than we go on GR20 to mounting hut of Pietra Piana (Refugee of Petra Piana). GR20 on this part rich highest level about 2.200 meters o.s.l., this part was something more as 2 hours. It is not difficult, but still: good shoes are necessary.

Stay over night in hut cost us 10 EURO each for sleeping in same place with 20 other mountaineers. Hut is placed on nice ridge, with water and electricity. In hut you can prepare something for eat (as in all huts over GR20).

Second day

Climbing to Monte Rotondo we start in early morning. The path isn't marked, but you will find pyramids of stones for marking of path. So no problem for orientation. Some steps are difficult, but nut serious climbing and not dangerous.
Lake of Bellebono

On top

From Pietra Piana to summit of Monte Rotondo we need about 2 hours.
Bivuac on top of Monte Rotondo

Settle to Rivisecco

We will take back a directly path to Restonica, but part near summit is very difficult, so we decided, that we go on same way down and then we turn in direction Restonica over valley of Rivisecco.
From settle to Rivisecco
On settle before descending to Rivisecco

Path from settle to spring isn't marked as all. So we have some problems with orientation. The best part is more on southern part of the valley. In part where springs come out, problem is with bush, it is higher as man and not easy to go through. So it will be better to take a way over the bush level on southern part of valley.
Spring of Rivisecco

But than path is marked, because in this valley farmer pastures his cattle (also to altitude about 1.800 meters). This part of path takes us about hour and half.

Rivisecco valley

Rivisecco on Begining

Than path is better marked, also with stone pyramids, take some time on one side of small river, some time on other. From time to time stone pyramids aren't the best orientation, so be prepare to discovery some unusual "shortcut-s". It was very hot in the valley, but still: it is enough water to drink.
Rivisecco cascades

From small path after a good two hours walk we rich a small farmer house in the wood and start a cart track (only for tractors). After a good hours and half we rich than valley of Restonica and in less as hour we rich camping place in Restonica.
Rivisecco Valley

End conclusions

Map of path
All time from summit to Restonica: about 6 hours
From camp to parking I was lucky, some kind people drive me over to take my car back.
Valley of Rivisecco is beatufull, it is worth to go down this way, but some problems with orientation it's take to calculate. So I recommend this path only in good weather conditions, when visibility is OK.


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Monte Rotondo - Restonica

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