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scvanm - Jul 17, 2005 9:37 pm

Route Climbed: East Slopes from Blank Gulch Date Climbed: July 15th 2005

#12..... Saw Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep. Great day!!!! (Sean, Jordan, CJ)


doumall - Jul 13, 2005 2:47 pm

Route Climbed: Angel of Shavano Date Climbed: July, 1 2004  Sucess!

18th 14er!

Ed F

Ed F - Jun 29, 2005 4:07 pm

Route Climbed: Blank Gulch Date Climbed: June 28, 2005  Sucess!

Went over Shavano on the way to Tabeguache. I glissaded the Angel (what was left of it) on the way down for a quick descent. Some storms caused many of us that day to run off the summit.


bdewoody - Jun 26, 2005 5:34 pm

Route Climbed: Angel of Shavano Date Climbed: May 2005  Sucess!

A great snow climb with an even better slide down.


jhansen007 - Jun 19, 2005 2:56 pm

Route Climbed: Blanks Gulch Trailhead Date Climbed: June 18, 2005  Sucess!

Perfect day for a climb. Left trailhead around 630am. Summitted Shavano, then hiked the saddle to Tabeguache. Met Mark and Myron (see below) on the summit. Spent lots of time on top Tabeguache waiting for the rest of our group to summit. Awesome weather to take a nap on top of a 14er...very warm and virtually no wind while we were up there. Glissade down the angel was great too.


myrone - Jun 19, 2005 8:49 am

Route Climbed: From Blank's Gulch Date Climbed: Saturday June 18, 2005  Sucess!

Started up at 7:04AM on an excellent trail, just a very little snow coming out of timber line, high winds at the saddle, reached summit at 10:00AM after losing the trail and scambling some. Rested 25 mins. then over to Tabeguache in about 45 mins. Rested about another 30 mins then retraced my steps down and glissaded down a snow field on Tabeguache and another much larger one on Shavano, way fun!! Back to the car at 2:36, my 10th & 11th 14'ers and another beautiful day in Colorado, sweet!!


chef007 - Jun 17, 2005 12:57 pm

Route Climbed: South East Slope a.k.a Purgatory gulch Date Climbed: June 16 2005  Sucess!

Did this mountain as well as Espirit Point and Tabequache. Saw some mountain goats on the saddle and a few marmots at the top.

James C

James C - Jun 11, 2005 1:44 pm

Route Climbed: the angel Date Climbed: May 28 2005  Sucess!

The Angel was totally awesome...better than hiking on talus, it made the climb a whole lot better, especially when glissading, the summit is nice too


bc44caesar - Jun 8, 2005 6:10 pm

Route Climbed: East Slopes Date Climbed: 4 Jun 2005  Sucess!

Left at 5:45 in the morning and stayed on the trail until about 11,000' where we put on crampons. Above here everything was covered in fresh snow, but just a little covering the firm snow underneath. Took the first arm of the angel up until it ended then headed straight for the summit on tundra & rock. Reached the summit after four hours in very strong winds and cold. My partner went down and I traversed over to Tabeguache and back in 1hr 45min. By then the snow had already melted and I made my way back to the trailhead from Shavano in two hours.

Foxy Long Bottoms

Foxy Long Bottoms - Jun 8, 2005 2:51 pm

Route Climbed: Pack Trail with a descent of the Angel Date Climbed: June 06, 2005  Sucess!

Fun mellow 14'er. The glissade down the angel was a blast. Don't feed the marmot on the summit. He'll beg for your food and practically crawl into your lap but be strong. :-)


Asphazell - Jun 2, 2005 12:20 pm

Route Climbed: Angel of Shavano (Blank Gulch TH) Date Climbed: May 29, 2005  Sucess!

Started on the TH around 6:30 am, reached the Angel around 7:45-8ish. Snow was already getting mushy, by the time we reached the neck & arms I was starting to posthole. Gorgeous views up top! Storms all around us, but none over us =)

Old Ickabod

Old Ickabod - Mar 31, 2005 8:53 am

Route Climbed: Blank Gulch Date Climbed: September 2004  Sucess!

Solo Trip - As most people, I hiked Shavano and Tabeguache together. Weather was great and the aspens were changing. From the summit, the aspens looked like rivers of gold pouring off the mountain. A great time to hike these peaks.


ColoradoScott - Feb 2, 2005 12:34 pm

Route Climbed: Angel of Shavano Couloir Date Climbed: June 11, 1994  Sucess!

Before reaching the first major switchback in the trail leading up the east ridge, I angled back down into the drainage and bushwhacked thru a not-too-dense section of forest before reaching the snowfield. I then strapped on my crampons, hoisted my axe and kicked upward on the hard snow for an hour and fifteen minutes. Any cornice or continuation of the snow to the saddle had already melted that year, and the arms were almost gone as well, so it was a huff and puff up the talus to the summit. On the descent, I glissaded the Angel, from top to bottom in less than 15 minutes, but my ice axe was mandatory due to the firmness of the snow.


Richrat - Jan 30, 2005 8:05 pm

Route Climbed: Blank Gulch Trail Date Climbed: August 2004  Sucess!

Weather was great. I saw a lot of wildlife.


csmcgranahan - Oct 31, 2004 9:46 pm

Route Climbed: Blank Gulch Trailhead Date Climbed: August, 2003  Sucess!

This was a great but steep and fairly long (like most Sawatch peaks) hike. This was the only fourteener I summit in 2003.


Natasha - Oct 14, 2004 11:45 pm

Route Climbed: Shavano-Tabeguache Blank Gulch Date Climbed: July 18, 2004  Sucess!

Great day, weather held out nicely, especially since we got a bit of a late start, but not too bad.


mr_g - Oct 12, 2004 10:18 am

Route Climbed: East Slopes Date Climbed: August 14, 1999  Sucess!

Camped the night before at Blank Gulch, and ascended the Angel Coulier to the ridge. Very windy once we hit the ridge, and climbed to talus to the summit.

We were going to traverse to Tabeguache, but we developed blisters so we opted to skip it this trip.


mtnhiker13 - Aug 23, 2004 10:32 am

Route Climbed: Blank Cabin Trailhead Date Climbed: August 15, 2004  Sucess!

The day started out quite nice but once we got above treeline the clouds were boiling up. We pushed on for the summit and stayed very briefly while we descended in a hail storm. We booked back to treeline, unable to squeeze Tab in on the same day.


Saintgrizzly - Aug 10, 2004 8:57 pm

Route Climbed: Angel route Date Climbed: September, 1998  Sucess!

Climbed with Aaron and Jim Lierman, just a couple days after doing Tabaguache. Interesting, because we'd done Tabaguache in a snowstorm, but the weather on Shavano was quite nice. Nice mountain. Wonderful aspen grove to start, and finish, with.

Adria Moersen - Jul 31, 2004 9:21 pm

Route Climbed: Blank Gulch Date Climbed: July 29th  Sucess!

Left the car at 4:30 a.m.; most vertical I had ever done in a single day. Tried to complete Tabegauche but the weather chase us off.

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