My First Climb

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Texas, United States, North America
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Jul 3, 2005
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My First Climb
Created On: Apr 1, 2007
Last Edited On: Apr 1, 2007

Pops Trickery

About two years ago, I wnet to a scout camp in West Texas called Buffalo Trails Scout Ranch. It was pretty badass as far as scout camps go. Went snorkling. Anyway, someone had the idea of climbing the highest peak in the Davis mountains. I wasn't too excited about this and just wanted to get home. My dad tricked me into going, and I was mad at him. You see I thought it would take two days to climb up. Turns out we would only spend two days total at camp. That night we made flamethrowers from the bonfire and OFF. We also found out that OFF disolves wood. We just poured some on a log, and it dissolved a hole in it.

The Climb

Fires From above
Summit view
We drove to the trailhead at about 7 A.M. We took off. Another kid and I were at the front of the group, nad enjoyed it. We came to a spot to stop and let everyone catch up. The other kids came up and wanted to play a stupid reality T.V. gameshow about the climb and see who would summit first. I was pissed at this and told them to shove that idea. Matt, the other kid who climbed ahead with me, and I took off. I was bent on showing them up. We went nonstop for who knows how long and came to the base of the summit. We watched people follow us up the road. We threw some huge boulders off some cliffs in the meantime. Fianlly everyone showed up and we headed to the top. We went across a small talus feild and came to the rock face. We scrambled up a chute about 30 ft. and were on top. The summit was small, and there were thousands of lady bugs cralwing all voer us. Anyway the veiws were amazing. I couldn't beleive my eyes. I just sat on top the whole time and starred at everything below us. My first summit. Sweet. One of the kids started crying his brains out because someone told him to move out of a picture and someone else told him not to move. What a loser. Got back down and Matt had to wait. Everyone took another trail down and saw some Aspen trees in TEXAS. After we hit the main trail, Matt and I literally ran down to the cars, and waited for the others for about 30 minutes. I was proud.

Back home

My dad and I woke up early the next day. Sun was not even up. From the summit the day before we could see smoke in the distance. On the way out, we drove by a smoldering hillside. The whole thing looked like a barbeque grill. We also hit 2 jackrabbits. One took out my dads break light. Thank you dad for making me go. Haven't been the same since.


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My First Climb

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