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Sumatra, Indonesia, Asia
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Created On: Jun 7, 2002
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From Kersik Tua, go with any commercial motorbike owner through the tea plantation to the start of the forest and the summit trail. Typically, this is the most dangerous part of the climb.

Route Description

The summit trail inside the forest can not be missed. When the trail starts to be more a (hopefully!) dry cascade, you will start using your hands. This is fun climbing, roots and branches of minor plants are astonishingly reliable ...
Above the forest, there is no trail any more! If you have view, everything is straightforward. When there is the choice between scree and slightly steeper white rocks, you will easily find out the advantage of the rocks.
If the view is concealed – this can happen very fast - , orientation can be very challenging. Then, a compass is essential, and the rubbish you have hated all the way up will become very welcome (but even the waste is fading out in the summit region!!!).
If in doubt or even lost, do not enter the forest! The only significant trail is the one you came up! Especially to the west, there are huge expanses of unspoilt and uninhabited rainforests. A paradise for naturalists, a nightmare for lost mountaineers.
Kerinci is not a difficult mountain. But 5 indonesian and a swiss life (at least) already have been lost here.
If you are lost, get back up towards the summit, and wait for visibility to return (in the tropics, you are not likely to freeze to death).

Essential Gear

Camping gear, compass, water, ...

Miscellaneous Info

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David Donaldson

David Donaldson - Sep 5, 2002 5:23 pm - Hasn't voted

Route Comment

There is only one route up kerinci. Best not to loose it.

There are tigers and bears in them hills....

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normal and only

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