North Ridge

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Location Lat/Lon: 34.68720°N / 80.20820°E
Additional Information Route Type: Mountaineering
Additional Information Time Required: Half a day
Additional Information Difficulty: High altitude hiking
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An easy scramble to a summit with excellent views of the Tibetan High Plateau.
If you have a basic knowledge about scrambling and hiking and want to head for a little day adventure, this may be an interesting choice. The peak is by Tibetan standards a dwarf, but the elevation gain is about 750m from the road and the summit altitude is 5951m. I.e. you should have extensive knowledge about high altitude and also prior experience about how your body takes exertion on at least the same elevation.

There's no running water after you left "BC". High winds are to be expected, even if the weather looks excellent when you start climbing. Sudden squalls are common and blizzards can arrive with only half an hour's warning in this area.
Route seen from afarA good overview of the peak and the vincinity. Enlarge for details

Getting There

China - Kashgar - Yecheng - Aba - Mazar - Xaidulla - Sirengou.
Sirengou is the only settlement close to the peak and it serves you well as a simple base. Head 4-5km south from the village and look for a wide riverbed north of the peak. This valley is good for a BC as it has running water.

For a more detailed description on how to get to the peak, look on the main page.

Route Description

North Ridge RouteHigher on the peak.

The river valley where you have your BC has steep brinks in some places. These can be used for protection for you tent against the wind and also for hiding a bit from passing cars.

Look south and you'll see a large scree slope. Follow the path of least resistence for about 200 vertical meters. If you're lucky this slope is covered by snow and then you'll have an easier time to get up to the little plateau on top of it. The scree isn't of the worst type, but it's not a very nice walk either.
Continue further north on the long, flat and rolling plateau, which at times is narrow enough to be called a ridge.

When you see a deep gorge on your left(ENE) head for a steeper slope on your right. It's the steepest part of the climb and it may be up to perhaps 40 degrees at its steepest. This slope takes you to the summit ridge and it's usually covered by snow, which make the climbing easier. Where you hit the summit ridge isn't important as there's no real mistakes to make on this part of the climb.

The summit ridge is quite wide apart from one part where it drops a little bit. If icy, be careful here as the drop on your west side is long and steep. The final part to the summit may be up to 35 degrees and is an easy walk on snow.
About 30m from where you enter the summit plateau you find the huge summit cairn.
Enjoy the views of the highlands of China!

Essential Gear

  • Sturdy boots. They should be quite warm.
  • Windproof clothing.
  • Walking sticks is of great help.
  • Snacks & water. It can be a long day.
  • Really good sunglasses. The sun on the plateau is extremely strong.
  • Crampons may be needed if it's icy high on the peak.
  • If really icy, bring your axe as well, as a self-arrest may be necessary.

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