Northeast Ridge

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Baja California Norte, Mexico, North America
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Most of a day
Moderate sections, consistently steep
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Class 3

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Created On: Dec 20, 2010
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A good use-path and trail goes to the top. It is about 2.5 miles one way from the blue tower, with some ups and downs, so figure about 2,600 feet of gross elevation up-and-down.

Getting There

See the main page.

Route Description

From the blue tower, follow a trail up onto a ridge. Shortly it comes to a series of rock outcrops called the stegosaurus. It narrows in places to maybe a foot wide and there's a short traverse with big drops, but the rock is very solid.

Past this section the trail comes to a pass. You can go directly up or angle to the left (a white arrow is seen on the rocks). This section is loose and rubbly no matter which choice you make. Higher up the route is more solid rock, and a good path continues. Hike up to a hilltop, then down about 150 feet to another saddle.

At this saddle we went straight (slightly right) up a steepish slope. Another trail to the right is longer but gentler pitched. Take either trail up to a small basin. The main ridge is to your left, and a gentler ridge is to your right.

On the left ridge, you see a trail that kind of sidehills. Ignore it. Instead, go up to a saddle then up through a section of imposing rocks (there's always a path, but there is some scrambling here). The grade moderates and soon you find yourself at the first false summit, with the radio antenna on it. (If you went right at the basin below, you'll end up going up a steep and loose gully of large loose talus)

Past the false summit the route looks very imposing. You drop about 70 steep feet to a saddle then walk through a rocky ridge, but there's a scant path that helps. Hands will be needed in spots. Exposure is not too bad.

This leads you to a second false summit, or the "north summit" on which a small cross is erected. The south summit is an easy walk down and up easy terrain. A larger cross and other items are erected here.

The south summit is the accepted summit, but my gut seemed to think the north summit could be equally as high, so I explored both tops to be sure.

For more complete directions, please see Dr. McNeece's page via the link from the main page.

Essential Gear

Long pants, sleeves, hat, pole, gloves. Lots of water!!!

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Northeast Ridge

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