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SawtoothSean - Jul 4, 2010 1:34 pm - Hasn't voted

Naming Confusion

7264 is either Grand Mountain or Granite. The Benchmark says Granite, but the USGS label says Grand Mountain. Given what Lopez says, the name of the high point 7264 is Grand, but there's a good case to call it Granite. There's definitely some confusion because 7264 contains a benchmark that says Granite Peak, while 7084 contains no benchmark. 7264 contains some typical summit stuff- rock piles, some old wood etc. 7084 contains nothing out of the ordinary and is almost tough to tell it's a high point. Knowing that the USGS maps can be erroneous, there's a case to call Grand Mountain Granite. Also, there isn't the standard 300 foot drop between points 7264 and 7084. Further adding to the confusion is the general labeling across the high point ridge on the USGS map of "Grand Mountain". So in my mind, 7084 is more like "Granite Mountain North", while 7264 is Granite Mountain aka Grand Mountain. Confusing...

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