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Testa Grisa Molline large & narrow walloon

Testa Grisa & Hannibal Pass from Molline Bivouac

Testa Grisa in Mont Velan Group

Testa Grisa Border Crest

Snow Cave Anyone? Otemma Glacier Cave

Rest immediately before the Barasson Alpage 2016

Punta Salliaousa

Punta Salliaousa

Punta Salliaousa

Punta Salliaousa

Testa Grisa to Pass (2922m)

Testa Grisa above Molline Vallon

Mont Morion Range

Mont Vèlan Glacier

Testa Grisa to Aiguille du Dejeuner

Testa Grisa to Hannibal Pass

Testa Grisa to West

Testa Grisa & emilius with Western Velan & "Hannibal Crest"

Testa Grisa to Mont Velan

Testa Grisa to Hannibal Pass

Folk ... & Curtain IV° To Mont Velan West Face 2007

Testa Grisa from West to Velan & two Aig.s of Proz

Testa Grisa from West

Testa Grisa & Velan West Face 2005

Testa Grisa East Crest or Standard Via

AOSTA's VALLEY in SUMMITS Mount VELAN S-SE FACE Western Great Couloir

Mont Vélan

Mont Vélan

Val d'Aoste


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Viewing: 1-30 of 41128