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Matterhorn, Monte Rosa



Matterhorn / Monte Cervino (4478m) and Swiss / Italian Alps.


Matterhorn from Gnifetti


Matterhorn (Il Cervino) skyline

Fixed ropes, upper section.

In the summit snowfield.

Jaime arriving at the summit.

On the summit ridge which connects the Swiss and Italian summit.

Happy Jaime. Mont Blanc to the left.

Swiss Summit with Monte Rosa in the background.

You have to break an egg... make an omelet.

On the way to Hörnlihütte.

Hörnli Ridge.

Ober Gabelhorn, Wellenkuppe, Zinalrothorn and Weisshorn at sunset.

Matterhorn in the first light of day.

On the way to Hörnlihütte.

Stovepipe Hermelin.

Jaime leading at lower Hörnli Ridge. This was probably off-route.

Lower section of Hörnli Ridge.

Inside the Solvay bivvy.

Lower part of Hörnli Ridge from Solvay bivvy.

View into the east face from Solvay bivvy.

Sunrise over Breithorn.

On the shoulder, climbing to the summit ridge.

Matterhorn North face

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