Ombigaichen (6340m)

Ombigaichen / Ombigaichan North Face (6340m)
altitude 6340m (6364m on the NGS Washburn map), 27°51'12"N 86°53'00"E

Ombigaichen is located 2.3km SE of Ama Dablam on the ridge connecting Ama Dablam with Baruntse. It is sometimes known as Puma Dablam, although Puma Dablam (Pema Dablam) may also refer to unnamed Peak 6430m located 1.5km further NE.

It belongs to the so-called "Nepalese Trekking Peaks", and only two successful expeditions have been reported.

Ombigaichen was first climbed by an expedition lead by Edmund Hillary, with James Milledge (UK) and Ang Tshering Sherpa (Nepal) reaching the summit on 18 November 1960 via the NW ridge. Four days later, two additional climbers reached the summit via the same route. The first ascenders called it Puma Dablam ("Daughter Dablam").

In early winter 2002, a British expedition lead by Victor Saunders reached the summit via the South Ridge on 3rd December.

A panorama of Ombigaichen and Peak 6430m can be found here.

Shot location: 27°54'1.83"N 86°52'38.06"E, alt. 4847m, looking S
(Solukhumbu District – Nepal – 9 April 2011)


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