Brunton ADC Summit Atmospheric Data Center


Brunton ADC Summit Atmospheric Data Center
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Product Description

Whether you're hiking, backpacking, or any other outdoor activity or reading the barometric pressure trends, the Brunton ADC Summit atmospheric data center gathers and records all the key weather conditions. The ADC Summit displays such information as current barometric pressure (in hPa, mb, or Hg), altitude, wind chill, and temperature, so you'll always know the current conditions and what's around the corner. Let your partners believe you're predicting the rain with some sort of mind-bending, supernatural powers.

Current temperature and pressure measurements are just a couple of the ADC Summit's skills. The unit also analyzes temperature and pressure trends and displays the data from the past 24 hours. More importantly, it absorbs all the data and predicts the weather over the next 12 hours, so you'll know whether to turn back from a hike or trudge on. Users will also dig the ADC Summit's multiple alarms, including an alarm that sounds when storms approach, an altitude alarm (for when users ascend too quickly), and a wind chill alarm.

The ADC Summit is valuable from a training perspective as well, with an integrated chronograph, race timer, and ski run counter. Additional features include a water flow meter, a real-time clock with date information, and manual and automatic data logging. The ADC Summit is also waterproof, runs on a single 3-volt lithium battery, and it can even transmit its information to a PC via its IR interface for further analysis.


From Brunton

  • Displays current barometric pressure (in hPa, mb or inHg).
  • Storm alarm.
  • Past 24 hr pressure tendency.
  • Predicts the coming 12-hour's weather.
  • Altimeter shows current, max, min altitude in meters or feet.
  • Density Alarm.
  • Altitude alarm.
  • Ski run counter.
  • Shows current temperature and past 24 hr temperature tendency.
  • Current, max and average wind speed.
  • Wind chill, average and min wind chill.
  • Wind chill alarm.
  • Real time clock: time, day and date, chronograph race timer.
  • Manual and automatic data logging.


    Brunton ADC Summit


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