IceBox Igloo Maker


IceBox Igloo Maker
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Manufacturer Grand Shelters Inc.
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Product Description

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"The ICEBOX® is an affordable, lightweight, and packable tool for building a snow shelter in any snow conditions. An ICEBOX® igloo engineered for strength, stability, comfort, and ease of use is the added advantage you've been looking for. Much easier to build than quinzhees or snow caves. You already know the advantages of snow camping. No noise, no crowds, the awesome beauty and serenity of nature, the picturesque quality of the backcountry winter landscape. Now discover the new and affordable way to enhance the adventure. Whether you're into snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, or winter camping, you'll appreciate the ICEBOX® advantage. The ICEBOX®. Enhance the adventure."


# Designed to build igloos in any snow conditions--including powder, granular ice, depth hoar and spring slush
# Produces a self-supporting shape that will not sag or collapse like other snow shelters can
# Lightweight and durable block form can be adjusted for custom size igloos ranging from 7-11 feet in diameter--sleeps 2-6 people depending on diameter
# Intelligently designed to take 50% less effort to build than snow caves--builder stays drier and less fatigued
# Build time is approximately 1.5-3 hours depending on snow quality and quantity
# ICEBOX has large snaps allowing builder to wear gloves during assembly and usage; brightly colored to prevent loss of small parts in snow
# Durable plastic and aluminum materials have been tested to -70 deg. F; supplied straps and buckles make attaching to backpack a cinch
# Adjustable support pole and spike ensure identical construction every time, eliminating guesswork
# Great for groups or solo use; practice required before first time use



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Brian C - Dec 13, 2010 9:24 pm - Voted 5/5

Practice makes perfect
This tool is one of the coolest innovations to winter camping. It sounds silly at first but the first time you're sitting in your igloo in near total silence as the weather rages outside you will ask yourself how you ever sat in a tent before. It is a learned skill and does require prior practice to your night depending on it.

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