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Product Description

The Kickr IV is a 6.0 W portable solar charger that can be taken literally anywhere. This foldable, compact 4 panel unit comes with a variety bands and grommets so you can attach your Kickr IV to nearly anything. Whether it be a backpack, a tent, or a mountain bike, you can take your Kickr IV anywhere you go. Use the Kickr IV to charge a device directly using the power of the sun at the same rate as a standard wall outlet. You can also charge an intermediary battery with your Kickr IV, and then when the sun isn’t at your disposal, use that battery to charge your cell phone, camera, GPS, and more.


Weighs only 0.6 pounds
Weather Resistant
Easily foldable
Solar made with flexible and rugged plastic


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MtnSky - Oct 22, 2014 6:46 pm - Voted 5/5

A must-have for the tech savvy adventurer
The Kickr IV is a thin film solar charger that uses state of the art CIGS technology. It is very lightweight at just 0.65 lbs and it fold up to about the size of an iPad mini. This solar charger is very flexible and feels like it will hold up to even the most abusive of users. The beauty of this panel is in it's simplicity. It outputs through a standard USB port and can charge anything that is USB enabled, from a cell phone, to an iPad, to a GoPro. Just plug it into the usb port and lay it in the sun, and you are good to go.

What sets this panel apart form the pack is that it has excellent low light performance. I had this panel successfully charge my GoPro despite it being overcast outside. This is the biggest factor for me since it basically doubles the amount of usable sunlight since it works even outside of peak hours.

I take my Kickr IV with me everywhere, and since it is so lightweight there is very little weight penalty when taking it hiking or backpacking. It is a must have for anyone who relies on their electronics in the

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