Shorty Screamer


Shorty Screamer
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Object Title Shorty Screamer
Manufacturer Yates
Page By Dow Williams
Page Type Dec 14, 2010 / Dec 14, 2010
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Product Description

Multi-functional energy absorbing device. Screamers will provide added protection in climbing and rescue situations. Screamers not only absorb energy directly because of the stitch ripping effect, they also allow your rope to absorb more energy from the fall by increasing the time interval of the fall. Screamers can reduce shock loading in any rescue system. The standard Screames can effectively reduce peak loads by 3-4kN in any climbing or rescue system. YATES original Screamers were first developed over ten years ago, YATES has since developed numerous variations on the Screamer design for use in Aerospace, Military and explosive testing for the deceleration of objects. Screamers were originally designed to be used on less than ideal climbing protection such as small nuts, old 1/4" bolts, snow anchors or marginal protection. We have determined that the most effective activation for a standard screamer to be >2kN(550lbf.) for climbing related situations.


SHORTY Screamer Activation: >2kN.
Reduction in system peak loading 3-4kN.
Runner Strength: 26kN.



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Dow Williams - Dec 14, 2010 6:36 pm - Voted 4/5

Yates Shorty Screamer
Much better product for ice versus the regular Yates screamer and half the cost with a lower activation than the competing product from Mammut.

Brian C - Aug 6, 2013 8:50 am - Voted 4/5

Short and expensive
This is a nice thing to have and carry but I'm not really sure why I'd use this other than the normal Yates screamer as they are more spendy. I like the idea of the little plastic guard on it holding it together and protecting it from abrasion though.

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