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Object Title SNARG
Manufacturer CAMP
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Page Type May 10, 2003 / May 10, 2003
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Made from NiCrMo steel with anticorrosive surface treatment.

Ring applied by means of welding T.I.G.

3 principles thread to for a fast removal


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JScoles - May 12, 2003 1:30 pm - Voted 4/5

Untitled Review
Another Greg Lowe invention the Snarg first appeared in the mid 1970s and caused quite a stir in the climbing community. Now produced by Camp in its latest incarnation is little changed for the original 1970 model.

This piece of kit is an improvement over the original that tended to rust right away and would deform quite often because the slot went the whole length of the piton. Basically by covering it with chrome and cutting down the length of the slot Camp has solved most of the problems with the original. That being said they finish is still very rough almost crude and it is not as pretty looking as other ice pitons out there it that really matters.

As for ease of use it is still very easy to hammer in soft ice but still bounces out in hard ice (so do all other hammer ins as well). One has to be very accurate on your hits as the pounding surface is quite small and a missed swing will glance off and into the ice your are trying to protect on or you will deform the piton.

As for extraction it is usually easy to start turning but because of the small threading it takes forever to get out. Do not tap it on the hanger as that will only deform the piton and make it useless.

Personally I do not keep any of these on my rack anymore as there are similar and better pitons available but in a pinch I would trust them.

The one point I would improve on is moving the opening of the slot from the front to the back or adding a cover for the slot at the back so they would deform as easly as they do now.

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