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Kabar USMC Fighting Knife. Black carbon steel blade, black Kraton handle, metal guard and pommel, black leather or black Kydex sheath. USMC Fighters have 7" blades and are 12" overall. Some say the "Finest USMC combat knife ever made."


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pjc30943 - Mar 9, 2004 2:09 am - Voted 5/5

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Now I realize that this is not the standard climbing knife due to its size and weight, but for backpacking it is excellent.

The USMC Kraton handled knife reviewed here is the standard blade, the one on top of the three shown.

Simply put, this knife is so robust and sharp, I'd never consider using another for now, especially considering the price.

It is virtually indestructable, and is well balanced. The kraton handle is comfortable to hold, and doesn't slip under pressure.

Two other uses: it can be used to dig, for example, when no better apparatus is found. It can be used to saw, when the partially serrated-blade verison is used (which I have).

In the many years I've had this knife, I've never went to the backcountry (or smaller summits for that matter) without it. For serious summits where weight really matters, do not take this for obvious reasons since it's so heavy:)

But for backpacking, the security of this knife is very good. The sheaths are great, also; I still have the original.

The one drawback would be the weight. It is this heavy because it is a single piece of high carbon steel, to make it virtually indestructable during normal use; so it is justified.

Just remember to oil the blade occasionally (twice a year is what I do), since like many other blades it should be maintained; otherwise rust starts to take over.

Bottom line:

A great knife! For an always-there, sure survival knife, this knife has proven itself many times over by the Marines in WWII. I couldn't imagine going backpacking without it.

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