Panoramic views of Gran Paradiso Area

Panoramic views of Gran Paradiso Area

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Gran Paradiso group from Mont Glacier (Photo by Silvia Mazzani)

The Gran Paradiso group includes the only 4.000 meter summit entirely in Italian territory, that is the namesake summit that reaches 4.061 meters. According to an unlikely theory, also la Grivola (sung by the Italian poet Giosuè Carducci, winner of the 1906 Nobel prize for literature) formerly touched the height of 4.000m, before shrinking to the present 3.969 meters, due to a collapse of its summit spire.
Gran Paradiso is one of the most important groups of the Western Alps; in particular it belongs to Alpi Graie (Graian Alps). Its western and eastern boundaries are not exactly identified: the geological limits are generally placed West at Col del Nivolet (2.612m) and East at Col dell'Arietta (2.939m), whereas the debated geographical limits are placed West at Col di Rhemes or Punta Basei (3.338m), East at Rosa dei Banchi (3.164m) or Bec Pragelas (2.908m).
In the latter case, the borders coincide with the ones of Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso, the first Italian National Park instituted in the year 1922, approximately on the area that had been the Royal Hunting Preserve. King Vittorio Emanuele II had wanted the hunting preserve, in order to prevent the extinction of steinbock (Capra ibex) and chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra), of which he was an inveterate hunter.
Both group and park extend over Valle d'Aosta and Piemonte, whose border is just the ridge, belonging to the Gran Paradiso group and running from west to east. In Valle d'Aosta, a series of ranges developing in the south-north direction separates the different valleys; from the west the three principal valleys: val di Rhemes, Valsavarenche and valle di Cogne, which in turn originates Valnontey (that is the heart of the Group), Valeille, and the secondary valleys of Bardoney and Acque Rosse.
In the Piemontese sector, starting from Valle dell'Orco, the main valley of Ceresole Reale that runs from east to west, a series of secondary valleys originates, directed approximately northwards: the "valloni" of Soana, Campiglia, Forzo, Eugio, Piantonetto, Noaschetta, Gias della Losa, Goi, Ciamousseretto, Roc, all divided by ridges less imposing than the ones in the Valle d'Aosta sector.
Valle dell'Orco played a fairly important role in the history of rock climbing in Italy in the 1970s. Besides, in the Vallone del Piantonetto one can find fantastic gneiss on the Becco di Valsoera, Becco della Tribolazione and many other local summits, drops up to 700 m and all kinds of difficulties.

Panoramic views in Cogne valley

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View from Lionello and Lucio Leonessa brothers Bivouac 2910m

Outline of the VALNONTEY - VALEILLE Watershed
Outine of the head of VALNONTEY
  0 – Punta Tersiva 3513 m15 – Colle di Money 3443 m
  1 – Punta Fenilia 3053 m16 – Campanile di Money 3540 m
  2Colle della Granzetta 2933 m17 – Testa di Money 3572 m
  3 – Punta di Valmiana 3244 m18 – Becco della Pazienza 3606 m
  4Colle di Valmiana 3093 m19 – Punta Elter 3603 m
  5 – Punta Valletta N. 3318 m / S. 3356 m20 – I Gemelli 3610 m / 3618 m
  6 – Punta Tsissetta 3419 m21 – Roccia Viva 3650 m
  7 – Colle Patrì 3361 m22 – Colle Baretti 3432 m
  8 – Punta Patrì N. 3561 m23 – Becca di Gay 3621 m
  9 – Punta Patrì S. 3581 m 24 – Colle di Gran Crou 3315 m
10 – Colle Coupè di Money 3393 m 25 – Gran Crou 3437 m
11 – Dito degli Apostoli 3439 m 26 – Testa di Valnontey 3562 m
12 – Torre di S. Orso 3618 m 27 – Testa della Tribolazione 3642 m
13 – Torre di S. Andrea 3651 m28 – Colle della Luna 3542 m
14 – Torre del Gran San Pietro 3692 m 29 – Punta di Ceresole 3777 m
15 – Colle di Money 3443 m  30 – Colle Chamonin 3698 m
  aValletta Glacier  d Money Glacier
  b-   Patrì Glacier  e Gran Crou Glacier
  c - Coupè di Money Glacier   f -  Tribolazione Glacier
  d Money Glacier 

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View from Ref. Vittorio Sella of the watershed Valnontey-Valeille; starting from North (left): Punta Valletta (N. and S. summits), Punta Cissetta (or Tsissetta), Punte Patrì and the sub-sector of Apostles range, including Torre di Sant'Orso, Torre di Sant'Andrea and Torre del Gran San Pietro

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View, from Pian Tournetta 2450m (Valnontey), of the central range of Gran Paradiso group.
Starting from left, the main summits are:
  • il Roc
  • Gran Paradiso
  • Piccolo Paradiso
  • Becca di Montandaynè
  • Herbetet
  • Gran Serra (or Grand Serz)

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    Central sector of Gran Paradiso range, from Punta di Ceresole to Punta Rossa della Grivola

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    View from Col Invergneux; from left: Torre Ponton (3.173m), Bec Costazza (3.092m), Rosa dei Banchi (3.164m), Punta dell'Asgelas (3.021m), Cima di Peradzà (3.021m), Rocce Nere di Peradzà (2.991m), Tête de la Nouva (3.034m), Colle dell'Arietta (2.947m), Tête de l'Arietta (3.001m), Punta Miserino (3.010m), Punta Nera del Miserino (3.063m), Punta del Rancio (2.995m), Punta di Acque Rosse (2.952m), Torre di Lavina (3.308m), Gruppo dell'Arolla (3.246m), Punta delle Sengie (3.408m), Cima di Valeille Occ. (3.357m), Punta Scatiglion (3.439m), Punta Odenzana (3.492m), Grande San Pietro (3.692m), Testa della Tribolazione (3.642m), Punta di Ceresole (3.777m), Cresta Gastaldi (3.894m), Il Roc (4.026m), Gran Paradiso (4.061m), Piccolo Paradiso (3.926m) and Becca di Montandayne (3.838m)

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    Head of Valeille from the vicinity of Antoldi-Malvezzi fixed bivouac (Photo by Gino Bolfo)
    Starting from the right:
  • Punta d'Ondezana 3492m
  • Punte Scatiglion (W. 3439m and E. 3407m)
  • unnamed saddle 3270m
  • Cima occidentale W. di Valeille 3357m
  • Colle occidentale W. di Valeille 3200m
  • unnamed counterfort 3312m
  • Cima centrale di Valeille 3319m
  • Cima orientale E. di Valeille 3296m
  • Colle Orientale E. di Valeille 3188m
  • unnamed summits 3269m/3281m
  • Colle inferiore delle Sengie 3220m
  • Ago (needle) delle Sengie 3384m
  • Colle superiore delle Sengie 3338m
  • Punta delle Sengie 3408m
  • At the foot of the ridge one can see the regressing Valeille glacier.

    Panoramic views in Valsavarenche

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    View from the Entrelor summit of the West side of the main Gran Paradiso range, starting from La Grivola, on the left, including Gran Serz, Herbetet, Becca di Montandaynè, Piccolo Paradiso, Gran Paradiso, Becca di Moncorvè, Tresenta, Ciarforon, Becca di Monciair and ending with Denti del Broglio, on the right. Also Punta Fourà, Taou Blanc in the foreground (and Levanne in the background) are recognizable. (photo by besucher01)

    Moving the cursor you can see the overall view

    From left: Ciarforon (3642m), Becca di Monciair (3544m), Denti del Broglio (3454m), Tête du Grand Etret (3201m), Mare Pèrcia (3385m), Punta Fourà (3411m), Cime di Seiva (3075m), Monte Giansana (3047m) and Cima dell'Arolley (2996m)

    Panoramic views in Rhêmes valley

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    Panoramic view from the shore of the Tsantaleina (or Granta Parei) lake, at the head of Val di Rhêmes, including all the western side of the ridge between Val di Rhêmes and Valsavarenche

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    Head of Val di Rhêmes, including, from left: Punta Basei, Punta Bousson, Roc Basagne, Roc du Fond.
    On the right the imposing wall of Granta Parei 3387m

    Panoramic views in southern sector of the Gran Paradiso Area

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    Panoramic view of Gran Paradiso Group from South (Monte Soglio)

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    Panoramic view of Gran Paradiso Group seen from Cima delle Chiose, between Soana and Chiusella Valleys (Piemonte)

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    Panoramic view of the summits at the head of Ribordone Valley, seen from Cima Loit
    Caporal - Valle dell'Orco (Piemonte, Italy)
    Caporal - Valle dell'Orco (Piemonte, Italy)

    Further panoramic views of the Gran Paradiso Massif from North

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