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A Little About Me

My Favourite Climbing goals
NW Ridge
Tocclaraju 6032m

Vestpillaren Direct Start
Vestpillaren Direct Start

Vallunaraju South-West Route
Vallunaraju 5780m

Lion's Head
L'Occhio first ascent -
Lion's Head-Jebel El Kest

SW Route
Maparaju 5326m

Stetind - Nordland, Norway 

Eole danza per noi
Eole danza per Noi
Aig. de La Varappe

Heiliger Geist
Pillar of Dreams
Heiliger Geist

Monte Bianco
Monte Bianco

Monte Nero
Hasta Siempre

Aguglia di Goloritzè
Sinfonia dei Mulini a Vento

The mighty SE wall of Hægefjell
Agent Orange

Campanile Federa
Il Ruggito del coniglio
Campanile Federa

Trollveggen seen from the summit of Romsdals Horn
North Face

A Few Words: You will find more in the woods than in the books. Trees and rocks will teach you things that no teacher will tell you - Bernardo di Chiaravalle
No prayer, no creed make the man as devoted as the loneliness of a forest swishing in the wind, or the closeness to the sky on the summits of the mountains" - Julius Kugy
If you are looking for angels or fleeing from demons, go to the mountains - Jeffrey Rasley
About me: "I spend most of my free time exploring the outdoors, including trad climbing, mountaineering, winter climbing, summiting peaks, sport climbing and hiking. If it's an adventure, I’am happy."

First Ascent : CATINACCIO D'ANTERMOIA (1973) - First 4000 : GRAN PARADISO (1978)
Highest Summits : NEVADO CHACHANI 6057 m (2007) - NEVADO TOCLLARAJU 6032 m (2002) - NEVADO PISCO 5752 m (1998) - NEVADO VALLUNARAJU 5686 m (2007) – NEVADO ISHINCA 5530 m (2002) – NEVADO URUS ESTE 5420 m (2002) - NEVADO MAPARAJU 5326 m (2007) - NEVADO MILLISHRAJU 5510 m (1998)
Official Alpine 4000m peaks climbed: MONTE BIANCO 4810m - PUNTA ZUMSTEIN 4563m – PUNTA GNIFETTI 4556m – LYSKAMM ORIENTALE 4527m – LYSKAMM OCCIDENTALE 4481m – PUNTA PARROT 4436m – LUDWIGSHOHE 4342m – NADELHORN 4327 – CORNO NERO 4322m - DOME DU GOUTER 4306m – MONT BLANC DU TACUL 4248m – CASTORE 4228m - PIRAMIDE VINCENT 4215m – PUNTA WALKER 4206m - ALPHUBEL 4206m – STRAHLHORN 4190m - W BREITHORN 4165m – C BREITHORN 4160m - BISHORN 4153m – E BREITHORN 4141m – POLLUCE 4091m - ROCCIA NERA 4075m – GRAN PARADISO 4061m - BERNINA 4049m – PUNTA GIORDANI 4046m -ALLALINHORN 4027m - WEISSMIES 4023m - DOME DE NEIGE DES ECRINS 4015m - DENTE DEL GIGANTE 4014m- LAGGINHORN 4010m - Other 4000 m peaks climbed: PUNTA LENANA 4985 m – GUAGUA PICHINCHA 4784 m - BALMENHORN 4167m - JEBEL TOUBKAL 4167 m
Number of 3000 m peaks climbed: 148
Favorite Mountain: STETIND (2009)

I started to love the mountain as a young girl, when I was impressed by some climbers on the Lavaredo walls. I was so touched that I began to think that I could climb too. A few years later I started climbing myself. On the Alps, Pre-Alps and Apennines. Then my interests widened to more distant mountain ranges, in Switzerland, France, Norway, Austria, Spain, Greece. I climbed also in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Jordan, Mali and Morocco. Morocco I realized an intense exploration activity climbing more than twenty new routes in the Anti-Atlas range.

Summits 2020: Cima Undici - Punta Vallaccia - Cima Popa - Corno di Tres - Cima Pissola - Cima Juribrutto - Weisshorn - Sass Ciapel - Monte Cola - Dosso di Costalta - Punta Jacu Ruiu - Punta Ortu Camminu - Punta Carabidda - Cima Parì - Cima Sclapa - Cima Caset - Monte Pubegn - Monte Corno - Monte Brento - Cima S.A.T. - Corno della Paura - Monte Vignola - Colodri - Monte Colt - Croce di Ceniga - Monte Creino - Monte Biaina - Parete San Paolo - Regina del Lago - Sperone dell'Ir - Parete di Pezol - Placche Zebrate - Placche di Baone - Monte Tombio - Mandrea - Monte Baone - Monte Nagià Grom
Affiliation: Club4000 since 2007 - G.I.S.M. (Gruppo Italiano Scrittori di Montagna) since 2020 - Club Alpino Italiano Sez. Parma since 1974
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