Peakbagging for Weight Loss (2012)

Peakbagging for Weight Loss (2012)

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Trying to reach my goals

Update: I just fell short of double digits this year largely due to a sprained ankle and a bout with vertigo. I ended up literally 200 feet short of reaching my adjusted goal on my final days. I really am hoping that 2013 I can finally really get into hiking and climbing these mountains on a consistent bases. Let hope for a better hiking season in 2013.

1. East Tiger

East Tiger
January 8th, 2012

This hike is significant because it is the longest hike that I have done in 7 years. I was able to hike up and back 8 miles in a little over 4 hours. Though the peak was basically a roadwalk it felt so good to be outside. I actually surprised my husband EastKing on this hike which made me.

Rainier from East Tiger SummitWill I ever be able to do this peak?
Heading up (pic by EastKing)

BearQueen on East Tiger
EastKing and BearQueen

2. Kendall Knob

BearQueen in the trees

Kendall Knob
February 12th, 2012

Not my proudest day. We went up the roadwalk all the way to the summit. My feet were in horrible pain due to a medical condition. I pressed on despite my husband's insistance on turning around. When I got to the top I was in bad pain. My husband and his friend tried to do a shortcut to make it back to the car quicker for my sake but it backfired. Luckily despite the struggle we made it back to the car safely. But it is the second summit of the year.

BearQueen nearing the summit

BearQueen heading up
BearQueen above the clouds

3. Round Mountain (Goat Rocks)

Cheering from the western side of Round Mountain

Round Mountain
September 14th, 2012

After months of injuries and illness I finally started peakbagging again. My first peak bag was Round Mountain. Round Mountain was very tough for me because of all the past health issues. But EastKing slow paced me all the way to the summit. Afterwords we came back down and enjoyed an excellent burger (the Rimrock burger) at the Silver Lake Resort on Rimrock Lake.

Me and my husband and guide
BearQueen on the summit

4. Thunder Knob

BearQueen celebrates her 51st summitYeah baby, I am on top again!!

Thunder Knob
September 27th, 2012

This hike will best be remembered for the bear that we ran into the parking area. The overall hike was not bad at all. After two quick hours (including the twenty minute break) and 3.6 miles we each the camping area just before dark only to run into the bear. This was the first bear that I had ever seen in Washington.

Luckily EastKing, Josh Lewis remained calm and scared of the bear. It was strange though watching bear as we past it looking back at us. As for the hike itself. It was short and pretty. Diablo Lake looked very magical. I am glad I got the chance to see this magical place.

BearQueen on the true summitOn the true summit!
Me on Thunder KnobMe on Thunder Knob

5. Sawyer Mountain

BearQueen on Sawyer MountainOn summit #52 lifetime!!

Sawyer Mountain
October 7th, 2012

Okay now I am finally starting to make some headway with these mountains. It was a real warm day for October and I wasn't expecting it to be that warm. The sun wore me down quiet a bit but with my husband's encouragement and his friend's patience I made it to the top of Mount Sawyer. The fall colors on this peak were incredible and the berry bushes here are fantastic. There are a diferent kind of beauty from what I saw in New England with the large broadleaf trees but equally as pretty.

There were some forest fires in the region but the views were still excellent. Though I did get worn down be the heat and a bit dehydrated, I really could not complain about the perfect October weather. I don't where my husband finds these mountains but he seems to find real winners!!

BearQueen enjoying the mountainsEnjoying the sites of fall!!! What a perfect day!
BearQueen in the berry bushesIn the berry bushes!

BearQueen on Sawyer MountainHanging on the summit area

6. South Tiger Mountain

Heading to South Tiger

South Tiger Mountain
October 29th, 2012

Been three weeks since I have last gone hiking but today I got up South Tiger. The southern point had no views and with fog so I felt like it was a waste of time. The northern point though has been logged and had the views though. Add to the fact that the fog broke away when we got to the summit and the northern bump is where we spent out time on. There is a bit a controversy on which one is higher with many saying the northern is the higher but many others saying the southern one. I will save that dispute for them. I don't really care about a couple feet. I am just glad to get out and enjoy another mountain.

Embracing fall in WashingtonFall In Washington
On the northern bumpLooks better here than being in trees!

7. Grand Ridge

Grand Ridge
November 11, 2012

I have one thing to say about this summit; I am very thankful that we waited on this one until the a rainy day. The summit area was not distinguishable from the other forest. This will hopefully be my last viewless summit. If you head too far south on the final summit plateau area you will end up in someone's backyard in which there is a nice gazebo. If you head north just more trees and brush. Personally we spent an hour making sure we were on the exact high point. The left over fall colors and the exercise made this mountain worthwhile but I will never go back. Hopefully we will do a mountain with a better view next time.

Last of the fall leavesThe Last of Fall is In My Hands
Posing around the summit areaPosing somewhere within the general summit area.

On the way down!Heading down the mountain.
BearQueen on the moveOn the move.

8. Little Si (repeat hike)

Little Si
November 22, 2012

Me and my hubbyHappy Thanksgiving From EastKing and BearQueen!!

Ok, I know this is a repeat summit from last year but my husband and I were pressed for time and wanted as much as possible to avoid the huge line at Old Country Buffet. So we ended back at our old favorite. With this hike I have official been on this summit 5 times so chances are I won't be back for a long time. I'd like to see other views in the near future and I am ready to explore other places.

As for today I was not at my best. I struggled mostly due to not being really into hiking from a lot of issues from my extended family. I had to take a couple breaks to clear my head from outside forces. It did have an effect on me and I was actually a little slower than in times past. If I was in a better state no doubt I would have been faster. I needed to get outside because the weather this November has been very dreadful. Luckily Thanksgiving was actually decent weather wise. Hopefuly the weather will improve slightly.

Thankgiving on Little SiHappy Thanksgiving from Little Si!!
Yeah! Now it is time for turkey!Happy Thanksgiving from Little Si!!

9. Devils Mountain

Me overlooking the Puget SoundMe overlooking the Puget Sound

Devil's Mountain
December 8, 2012

I heard from a number of sources that this was a waste of a summit to go to. Luckily I found out for myself that it is not true what has been said about this peak. Chance, EastKing and I were able to go from the parking area to the summit (2 miles one way in well under an hour). It is basically a roadwalk all the way up. For this being a very easy hike the views are actually quiet good of the Cascade Front and the Puget Sound.

The hike did distract me a little from yet another health issue that has been affecting me. I recently have been get what is termed as "floaters" in my eyes which have been affecting my vision. The doctors don't think it is serious but honestly this health issue is driving me crazy. If it is not one health issue than it is another. Thankfully the mountains are there for me and my husband as stood by my side once again. Hopefully all these health issues will finally clear so that I can finally really start to tackle some better mountains.

Smiling as I am enjoying the outdoorsSmiling and enjoying the views.
Heading up the trailHeading up the mountain!

9 3/4. Mount Cavanaugh Attempt

Mount Cavanaugh
December 29, 2012

My attempt to get ten different summits this year fell three hundred feet short this year. Bad weather, a late start, and constant hesitation and struggle forced us to time out on Mount Cavanaugh. This was my first failed attempt in all of my years of hiking and with the with just one or two less variables this would have been a successful summit.

Jimbopo ready for an interviewJimbopo brought his interviews clothes on this snowshoe!!!

There will be no time to hang the head here because my husband insists that we give this mountain a second chance for the start of the new year. Despite not making this summit the hike was fun especially with Jimbopo dressed up like a pimp. He really made this trip very memorable.

Me and husband EastKing in the fogEastKing and I
Enjoying the view of Lake CavanaughYous truly with Lake Cavanaugh in the background!

*It should be noted that I did make the summit of Mount Cavanaugh on January 1st, 2013 but that will be for another year. Those pictures of course will come up though in the "Peakbagging for Weight Loss 2013" album, along with hopefully at least 24 other summits.

Other Hikes I did through the year!

Enjoy the Fall LeavesStopping to Enjoy Fall Along the Way

There were a couple of other non-summit walks and hikes I did during the year. Among the two more popular ones were Coal Creek Falls and Twin Falls. These short hike really help me get in some sort of shape while my ankle and foot recovered from the problems they were encountering. Each of these hikes I did twice and the 3 mile round-trip hikes really helped me prepare to get back to peakbagging again.

Don t we look cute!!Twin Falls
Lower Twin Falls Twin Falls


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Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon - Sep 17, 2012 11:06 pm - Voted 10/10

Fight the good fight!

You've got more supportive fans here on SP than you might even guess. :-) Sarah


BearQueen - Sep 25, 2012 1:53 pm - Hasn't voted

I am so grateful

Dear Sarah,
It has been a long road for me. I cannot even begin to explain it...I just want to tell you how grateful I am...I had no idea I had that many supportive fans...Thank you for reminding me...It is definitely motivating me. Love, Rebekah

Sarah Simon

Sarah Simon - Oct 29, 2012 6:11 pm - Voted 10/10


You ask of Rainier: Will I ever be able to do this peak?

The answer is a a resounding YES! Keep up your efforts, keep fighting that fight, keep your spirits high. You will GET there!!! =)

Cheers and support from Colorado!



Hotfeet - Dec 10, 2012 12:30 am - Voted 10/10

Great photos!

Great photos, thanks for sharing them and keep up the hard work!


EastKing - Jan 4, 2013 12:10 am - Voted 10/10

All in all not too bad!!

You had many challenges this year. Fractured ankle, vertigo, employment issues, money issues, eye issues, and serious foot issues really prevented you from having the year you wanted. But at least on the second half of the year you got out and got some summits. I look forward to seeing Peakbagging for Weight Loss 2013.

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