Petit & Gros Piton, St Lucia WI

I climbed Petit Piton (elev 2438') on the coast of St Lucia near Soufrerie with 6 sailing companions in the spring of 2005. Two locals guided us up (Peter & John). It was quite difficult, but all (including three women & a former Pac 10 deep back with an artificial hip) in my group summitted... and it was worth every straight up step. The trail is steep and fortunately very rooty.. which helps with hand holds. There are rope passages which require some upper body strength & full concentration. Take a liter of water minimum and a camera in a backpack.. you'll need both hands for the climb. Am I glad I/we did it? ABSOLUTELY.. Would I do it again.. probably not (well.. after 3 yrs now.. perhaps :). Also, an absolute must after the decent is an additional 5-10 minute walk up the paved road to the waterfall/mineral springs pool.. that soak after the climb was completely healing.. They also sell juice & water there. Also, the restaurant, Anse Miton, on the beach at the bottom of Petit is excellent.

Climb it!


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