Phinney Canyon

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Phinney Canyon
Created On: Nov 6, 2006
Last Edited On: Mar 5, 2007

Route Description

If you parked in Phinney Canyon, walk up the road to the 7,500' saddle. You’ll get your first glimpse of Grapevine Peak from here. Once at the saddle, leave the road and start heading north up the ridge. You might be able to pick up a faint climbing path. Just below 8,000', you will reach the forested east ridge of Grapevine Peak. The ridge is rugged and somewhat difficult to traverse. Your goal is to head for the saddle just northeast of Point 8071. However, the ridge has two saddles that you will have to cross in order to get there. Each saddle drops about 100'. You might be able to traverse beneath the highpoints to avoid the extra elevation gain and loss, but the traverse isn’t easy. The slopes are fairly steep, and the trees are thick in places.

Once you arrive at the saddle next to Point 8071, you will have to drop another 100' to reach a saddle just east of the peak itself. However, this is the last drop, and the going gets easier from here on. Climb the remaining 750' up easy slopes to the summit of Grapevine Peak, where you can enjoy the views. There’s a small antenna building on top.

Elevation Gain: About 2,500'.
Hiking Distance: About 6 miles round trip.

Phinney Canyon

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