Advise for recovery process/speicalist in the North Bay (SF)

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Advise for recovery process/speicalist in the North Bay (SF)

by Rinat Shagisultanov » Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:57 pm


I posted the message to the California board and got some useful advise, but I wanted to have a broader audience to give the advise.

I messed up big time last week in the bike accident and broke several bones in my left shoulder (no direct impact on the joint, but broke clavicle, scapula and 3 ribs). Doctors are telling me about at least 6 weeks before I can start physical therapy.

Does anybody have a recommedation for the good orhtopedics surgeoun/sports medicine doc/phisical therapist/other type of healer in the North Bay (San Francisco). I am specifically looking for the medical professional who well understands the climbing/mountaineeting sport requirements and can adjust recovery process.

At this point I have not decided if I need to cancel the trip to Aconcagua at the end of Dec 2010 as it totally depends on the recovery process in the next 1.5 months.

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